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Uccello PowerPour Kettle

Uccello Kettle is the perfect addition to your kitchen, it boasts a stylish design with an ergonomic handle for stable grip and pours action, easy to read level indicator and...

Conni Absorbent Anti Slip Floor Mat

The Conni absorbent anti-slip floor mat is a customer favourite of ours and you will see why! It is ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, its high-quality...

Dorking Sock and Stocking Aid

A simple, inexpensive device to assist with putting on stockings or socks, especially if bending and reaching to the foot is difficult.  This handy aid consists of a strong, shaped,...

Shower Foot Washing Sandal

Treat yourself to this brilliant foot scrubber that effortlessly cleans and massages your feet.  Requires no bending or stretching to use and it has small suction cups that affix easily to the...

Redgum Split Over Bed or Chair Table

The Redgum split over bed (or chair) table is ideal for a lounge chair or bed, with its split top design you always have a solid level surface. The largest section...

Etac Swift Multifunction Shower Chair

Award-winning design where functionality and simplicity were in mind. Etac's basic shower stool can easily be transformed into a complete shower chair with arms and back support. Made from sturdy...

Book Seat Book Stand

Read hands free! This handy book seat is ideal for a book, ipad, kindle, tablet or other electronic devices. No aching arms or wrists whilst reading for long periods of...

Copper Bracelets

Magnetic Therapy Pain Relief Copper Bracelets. These copper bracelets combines magnets with attractive copper bracelet in various different styles. Top-quality copper bracelets, produced by a trusted supplier local supplier in...

Airgo Ultra Light Rollator

Introducing Airgo Ultra Light Rollator - the Lightest Rollator from their range weighing only 4.7 kgs!  This durable ultra-light frame enables you to lift the rollator with ease. Designed with...

Cosyfeet Holly Midnight Floral Slippers

Snug, supportive comfortThis soft yet supportive slipper has a cushioned insole so it’s very comfy underfoot. It has a broad toe shape and is seam-free at the front so it’s...

Etac Body Washer

Etac Beauty body washer is designed to make it easy to reach and wash the body. The wash cloths do not absorb water which makes the product light and balanced...

Etac Back Washer

Etac Beauty back washer is designed to make it easier to reach and wash the back. The wash cloths do not absorb water which makes the product light and balanced...