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Optional Lid for Insulated Cup Mug

Suitable for: Double Handled Insulated Mug with Optional Lid

Double Handled Insulated Cup Mug

Insulated. Made from plastic. Two handles Optional lid, please select if you wish to add it for an additional $5 (The optional lid has convenient angled drinking spout.)

Homecraft Caring Mug Cup

The caring mug has a wide stable base with two large contoured and angled handles, which enables it to be held in the correct position for drinking. The lid has...

Homecraft Two Handled Cup Mug with Spout and Splash Lids

This mug is designed to make drinking safer and easier for people with hand tremors. 2 handles to assist control. Supplied with two lids, one for anti-spill and one with...

Ornamin Vital Thermo Cup Mug

These Thermo mugs have large ergonomic sized handles for easy and safe grasp, they have a hidden Thermo function, which ensures that hot drinks remain hot and cold beverages stay...

HandSteady Pivoting Cup

Introducing with the world’s first and only cup with a Rotatable Handle™ and Hidden Lid™. Designed to make drinking extremely easy for people with pain, tremor, weakness, limited dexterity and...

Ornamin Vital Ergo Cup Mug

The Vital Cup supersedes the nose Cup. The special and innovative geometry of the Inside of the Cup ensures that the cup can be emptied without tilting the head back...

Feeding Cups 250ml with 8mm Spout (2 Pack)

Homecraft Feeding Cup 250ml with 8mm Spout is designed to aid independence when drinking Comes as a pack of 2 cups. The Homecraft Feeding Cups are interchangeable cups and mugs...

Homecraft Shatterproof Cup Mug with Spout and Recessed Lids

This attractive mug is made from a tough, shatterproof material to prevent accidental breakage. It has a large handle and comes with 2 lids, one is an anti-spill lid and...

Ornamin Ergoplus Cup Mug

This cup has quick and easy content control, it comes with a scale on the inside of the Cup. It is suitable for tremor patients, even when there are strong...

Ornamin Non Slip Cups with measuring icon

These nonslip cups are great for people who suffer from numbness in the fingers, moist or shaky hands, This cup has a capacity of 250 milliliters and is very lightweight...

Dysphagia Cup Mug

The dysphagia mug helps people who have trouble swallowing. Drinking while tucking the chin toward the chest gives normal swallowing mechanisms time to work. The clever design of the mug...

Etac Feed Dose Cup Mug

The spout shape provides good contact with the lips and reduces the need to tilt ones head back for secure pouring, designed to assist with drinking. This mug is transparent...

Feeding Cups 250ml with 4mm Spout (2 Pack)

Homecraft Feeding Cup 250ml with 4mm Spout is designed to aid independence when drinking Comes as a pack of 2 cups. The Homecraft Feeding Cups are interchangeable cups and mugs designed...

Etac Tasty Beaker Cup Mug

This tasty beaker with its big handle and supporting edge permits various grips. The large base makes the beaker stable and the holder insulates against hot liquid when the beaker...

One Way Drinking Straw

These straws simplify drinking for individuals who have problems generating and maintaining suction. The one-way design reduces the air ingested and the effort required for sucking, thus promoting independence while...

Borosilicate Glass Eco Cup

Take your coffee to go, with this barista and eco-friendly Oasis Borosilicate Glass Eco Cup. Made from premium durable borosilicate glass; lighter, stronger than normal glass, borosilicate glass is the...

Ornamin Thermo Cup Mug

The Ornamin Thermo Cup Mug is a durable and insulated drinking cup with a hidden thermo function that ensures your drinks stay at the perfect temperature for longer. Its double...

Etac Tasty Glass

The Tasty glass is easy to handle thanks to its light weight and the design, which is inspired by a wine glass. This cup is made from Polycarbonate making it...

Ornamin Non-Drip Spouted Lid

An optional accessory to suit most Ornamin cups/mugs, can be sealed over the top of the cup to prevent spills and leaks. The spout also makes it easier to drink...