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Kcare Standard Bed Rail

This bed rail is easily removable and fits under the mattress to gives firm support for users positioning in and out of the bed. *Fixing Straps Included* Width: 600mm Depth:...

Adjustable Blanket Support

This special frame is designed to be used on your bed, under your bedding, to support the weight of the sheets above the feet and legs great for people with...

Days Overbed Pole

The Days Overbed Pole can be used in conjunction with a conventional or hospital bed. It is lightweight, sturdy and easy to assemble. Also features a handle, which is on...

Apex Bed Rail

This Apex bed rail is fixed in sixe and shape. To use this rail simply slip it under the mattress and the weight of the mattress will hold the rail...

Kcare Cobra Bed Pole

Fits under the mattress and provides a handle to assist with moving and positioning in bed. Suitable for use on single, double, queen and king size beds. Pole height is...

Bed Rail Protectors

These super soft, foam Bed Rail Protectorsare designed to protect patients from injury through limbs striking or getting caught inthe metal bed rails. Made from soft medical grade foam cushions...

Bed Pole with Adjustable Crook Handle

The Grip Handle Bed Pole fits under the mattress and provides a firm handle to assist with moving and positioning in bed. The shaped handle can be located in four...

Universal Bed Stick

A universal bed stick suited to all bed types and sizes, easily fits under the mattress. Provides user safety and assists with positioning in the bed. Its wide base provides...

Side Rails for Minuet Bed

Clamp-on ¾ length folding safety sides Reduce risk of falls from the bed Rails are great for helping to get in and out of the bed Come as a pair

Over Bed Frame

This heavy duty free standing bed pole helps to assists users to re-position or hoist to sitting position in bed. The triangular handle accomodates two handed use and the chain...

Dropside Bed Rail

This dropside bed rail provides safety for users and assists when getting in and out of the bed. Easily removable with a simple drop down mechanism for easy access. Positions...

Double Bed Pole

Easily removable, Reversible for use as safety rail, Suits double bed, Upright pole on either side of bed Width: 1450mm Depth: 475mm Height: 600mm