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Non Slip Anklet Socks

These specifically designed anklet socks are ideal for diabetics and also a good option for movement activities such as Pilates, Yoga and general wear around the home to provide superior...

Dorking Sock and Stocking Aid

A simple, inexpensive device to assist with putting on stockings or socks, especially if bending and reaching to the foot is difficult.  This handy aid consists of a strong, shaped,...

Non slip circulation socks

These specially crafted anklet socks are a must-have for diabetes sufferers and those engaging in physical activity such as Pilates, Yoga, and all-day use at home. A sure-grip design and...

Dressing Stick

Ideal for people with limited range of movement, who have difficulty in bending, reaching and grabbing. Used to pull on or push off garments.   Wooden stick with three different hooks. Specifications:...

Shoehorn Plastic

A plastic long handled shoe horn to assist in outting on shoes gives excellent reach.  Ideal for those who have difficulty bending, reaching or grabbing.  It also has a hanging loop...

Supergrip button hook

A' shaped stainless steel wire which assists one handed dressing by passing through the button hole and over the button to grip the thread.  It is pulled through with a...

Terry Cloth Sock Aid

Sock application is made easy with this flexible, plastic sock aid.  Slits in the plastic core allow it to bend around the heel and the inside is lined with nylon...

Drycare Clothing Protectors

Drycare clothing protectors are designed to protect against spillages and are comfortable to wear while the surface fabric protects the wearer. This long clothing protector, with press-stud closure, is soft and...

Buddies Clothing Protector

Comfort, protection and confidence This clothing protector is soft and waterproof, providing everyday protection from spills and stains. Its press-stud closure makes it easy to use and comfortable to wear,...

IMAK Arthritis Gloves

Reduces hand pain and swelling. Warms cold hands. Can improve circulations. Open fingertips do not reduce ability to grip, feel or touch.Available in small, medium and large. Small: Knuckle to...

Shear Comfort Heel Protector

Shear Comfort Heel Protectors shield the skin on the heels, and provide protection for existing damaged skin. The wool layer wraps around the heel and ankle, leaving the rest of...

Cosyfeet Richie Navy Slippers

Comfort with supportThis soft yet supportive slipper has a cushioned insole so it’s very comfy underfoot. It has a broad toe shape and is seam-free at the front so it’s...
$165.00 $145.00

Cosyfeet Holly Pink Checker Slippers

Snug, supportive comfortThis soft yet supportive slipper has a cushioned insole so it’s very comfy underfoot. It has a broad toe shape and is seam-free at the front so it’s...
$145.00 $125.00


HeadSavers are available in two sizes which are fully Velcro adjustable to fit most people. When placed on the head HeadSaver offers an extremely comfortable fit that holds the HeadSaver...

Etac Aktiv Reacher with Hook

This handy Aktiv reacher with hook is a perfect aid for dressing and undressing due to the feature of being able to pull and push. The Aktiv reacher with hook...

Extension Strap For Richie Slipper Navy

These matching strap extensions lengthen the straps on our Richie style to help accommodate extremely swollen feet and ankles.Simply attach them as required.

Cosyfeet Holly Midnight Floral Slippers

Snug, supportive comfortThis soft yet supportive slipper has a cushioned insole so it’s very comfy underfoot. It has a broad toe shape and is seam-free at the front so it’s...
$145.00 $125.00

Shear Comfort Wrap Around Boot

The Shear Comfort Wrap Around Boot™ offers full foot protection for use in and outdoors thanks to the low-profile rubber sole. Comfort and an accommodating fit are ensured by the...

HipSaver Open Bottom High Compliance

Designed to be worn underneath incontinence aids and/or personal underwear, allowing convenient, 24-hour wear. Reduces toileting accidents due to the "fumble factor", and alleviates problems for those with urge incontinence...

Extension Strap For Holly Slipper Midnight Floral

These matching strap extensions lengthen the straps on our Holly CosyFeet Slipper.  This style helps accommodate extremely swollen feet and ankles. Simply attach them as required.

Shear Comfort Sovereign Snugs

These comfortable sovereign snugs are cut underneath the ankle, making these snug-fitting slippers ideal for keeping the feet warm and protected indoors. They have a shorter wool pile than our...

Hipsaver Nursing Home Starter Kit

HipSaver Nursing Home style are designed for the comfort of residents and also provide peace of mind for carers. HipSaver Nursing Home is a durable brief with a roomy fit...

Hipsaver Nursing Home Pants Only

This item is for 1 pant with open pouches for holding removable interchangable hip protecting pads. (hip protecting pads not included) The nursing home style are a durable brief with...

Shear Comfort Elbow Protector

Shear Comfort Elbow Protectors fit snugly around the elbows, creating a shielded area for healing and protection against knocks. Elbow protectors can be used to warm aching elbow joints, protect...

When you pick out an outfit you should only be concerned with whether it makes you feel good, but when you have accessibility needs you can end up choosing something for ease instead.

At Daily Living Products, we think that it is vital for individuals to retain their own sense of style and so we have a range of tools and garments that are aimed at helping you to achieve this.

Dressing Doesn’t Need to Be a Chore

The idea of struggling to do up buttons or stretching to reach your feet can leave you, or the person you care for, feeling frustrated and upset. However, when you find that have tools that can help with these issues, you will soon realise that things aren’t as impossible as you have first thought.

We offer button hooks, sock aids, dressing sticks and more so that you can enjoy being independent for as long as possible.

Style and Solutions in One

When you want to feel good about the way you look, you don’t have to compromise on your individual style. We have a number of non-slip socks and slippers as well as continence swimwear and joint savers in case of trips and falls.

Each of these products has been designed to offer discreet and dignified support, allowing you to do the things you love, and look the way you want!

Take a look at our online catalogue today to see if there is anything that offers you the solution you are looking for or get in touch wit us via email or phone to talk to one of our expert team members who would be happy to help!