Pressure care & sore prevention is 


Pressure sores are avoidable with the right products. 


Pressure area care is an important part of nursing practice. Most pressure ulcers are avoidable and nurses should ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to reduce harm and risk factors and prevent pressure ulcer development whenever possible.

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Silicone Fibre Cushion

An ideal choice for geriatric or palliative care, this soft cushion is made from silicone coated cylindrical fibres covered by a breathable cotton/polyester cover. These fibres are specially designed to...

Silicone Fibre Heel Protectors

Pressure relief and protection for heels and ankles. Coated cylindrical hollow core fibres provide soft comfortable support. Open design keeps cool in warm weather. Two soft elastic velcro straps help...

The General Equagel Pressure Cushion

EquaGel is perfect for people needing a serious pressure or pain-relieving cushion, it's made of a dry-polymer gel that has a rubbery touch.  Equagel pressure cushion is a 2” tall EquaGel...

Foam Cushion with Gel Insert

This foam pressure care cushion is suited to people at low to medium risk of pressure injury that is, damage to the skin and underlying tissue as a result of...

Contoured Leg Relaxer

Recommended for those with varicose veins, swollen feet and ankles, tired legs, during pregnancy and convalescing. Suitable for home care, in nursing homes and hospitals. Even weight distribution alleviates lower...

Gelbodies Heel & Ankle Protection

The Gelbodies protectors use a pressure-relieving gel to offer additional padding to points on the body where pressure sores tend to form. The addition of padding to these areas improves...

Shear Comfort Heel Protector

Shear Comfort Heel Protectors shield the skin on the heels, and provide protection for existing damaged skin. The wool layer wraps around the heel and ankle, leaving the rest of...

Seirin Acupuncture Needles

Seirin Japanese acupuncture needles are made modern technology that allows for smooth painless insertion using less pressure. Features an easy grip, color coded, lightweight 2.0 x 20mm plastic handle with...

Aspire Comfimotion Care Adjustable Bed

This bed has it all, all the features of a hospital bed with a modern touch supporting an independent lifestyle.  In comparison to the Luxe, the Aspire Comfimotion Care bed is...

Aspire Memory Foam Mattress

The ComfiMotion Memory Foam mattress contours to the users body, providing personalised comfort and transitional pressure relief. The integrated side-walls increase roll resistance at the bed edge and assist users,...

Body Form Pressure Reducing Mattress

The mattress has been developed to assist patients at a medium risk of developing pressure sores. Benefits: The top layer of Visco Elastic Gel-Infused Memory Foam reduces pressure. Conforms to...

Shear Comfort Pressure Care Boot

The Pressure Care Boot is designed to provide comfort, support, and freedom to those at risk from skin ulcers of the foot or ankle. The open toe design allows for...