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Twist Assist Swivel Cushion

The Twist Assist Transfer Cushion is a low-friction cushion that makes it easier for the user to turn sideways in a chair or car seat during patient transfer, or even...

Complete Sleeprrr Pillow

Australia's most loved and recommended pillow The Complete Sleeper pillow is sold and recommended throughout Australia by Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and many more health professionals. It is regarded as the...

Bed Wedge

This Bed Wedge is correctly angled to raise and support the upper body for easier breathing and digestion. It helps to alleviate reflux, breathing constraints, hiatus hernia and heart conditions....

Premium Comfort Cushion

The REDGUM BRAND Premium Comfort Cushion is a locally sourced Australian foam cushion designed to offer outstanding comfort and value. The Premium Comfort Cushion is available in five different comfort...

Convoluted Ring Cushion

This cushion comfortably conforms to body contours to reduce pressure point discomfort. Made of one-piece, puncture-proof convoluted foam rubber, the affected areas are suspended by the unique central cavity for...

Push Cush

The Push Cush is an award-winning inflatable foot cushion and exercise aid that relieves swollen legs and feet when travelling or sitting for long periods of time. It is ideal...

Silicone Fibre Cushion

An ideal choice for geriatric or palliative care, this soft cushion is made from silicone coated cylindrical fibres covered by a breathable cotton/polyester cover. These fibres are specially designed to...

Polyurethane Shower Commode Seat

Complete your Kcare Shower Commode with their machine-made open or closed polyurethane moulded seat. This seat only comes in 445mm wide mobile shower commodes. Includes pan carrier runners. Cost-effective, comfortable...

The General Equagel Pressure Cushion

EquaGel is perfect for people needing a serious pressure or pain-relieving cushion, it's made of a dry-polymer gel that has a rubbery touch.  Equagel pressure cushion is a 2” tall EquaGel...

Posture Wedge Cushion

This posture wedge cushion assits with maintaining posture for persons sitting for extended periods, it helps encourage the pelvic tilt. Great quality and Australian made, woven polyester which is a...

Pressure Relief Cushion

This two layer foam cushion provides improved pressure distribution when seated. A multi-purpose product suitable for users with mild postural needs and comprises a high density foam support base with...

Drivers Friend Cushion

A moulded, high density foam, lumbar support cushion designed to be used in the car. Has a removable polypropylene fabric cover and an elastic strap for attachment. The lumbar support...