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Angled Lightweight Foam Cutlery

Experience the convenience and comfort of our Angled Lightweight Foam Cutlery! Say goodbye to heavy and clunky utensils and hello to lightweight and ergonomic design. The Angled Lightweight Foam Cutlery...

Aspire Kitchen Perching Stool

Looking for a comfortable seating solution for your kitchen or any other area? Look no further than the Aspire Kitchen Perching Stool! With its padded seat and backrest, this stool...

Bottle Opener Multigrip

Suitable for a variety of bottles with different safety caps, such as medicines or cleaning products. The Safety Cap Bottle Opener is placed over the lid, and with a little...

Canpull Tin Opener

The Canpull Tin Opener is a durable device specially designed for opening ring pull cans. Extremely easy to use, just hook the end under the ring, fold forwards and then...

Feeding Cups 250ml with 4mm Spout (2 Pack)

Homecraft Feeding Cup 250ml with 4mm Spout is designed to aid independence when drinking Comes as a pack of 2 cups. The Homecraft Feeding Cups are interchangeable cups and mugs designed...

Feeding Cups 250ml with 8mm Spout (2 Pack)

Homecraft Feeding Cup 250ml with 8mm Spout is designed to aid independence when drinking Comes as a pack of 2 cups. The Homecraft Feeding Cups are interchangeable cups and mugs...

Ornamin Food Bumper

Practical food bumper for plates with a diameter of 20 to 26 cm. Suitable for people with limited arm and hand mobility, or eat with one hand. Dishwasher safe, microwaveable, food safe...

Kcare Webequ Vegetable Knife

Kcare Webequ Vegetable Knife has a new grip design that gives the user extra control as well as power for neat results. The Webequ knife features a non stick design...

Big Grip Weighted & Bendable Cutlery

Experience improved control and effortless use with Big Grip weighted and bendable Utensils. Featuring a 170g weight in the built-up handle and a bendable neck, these utensils make reaching your...

Optional Lid for Insulated Cup Mug

Suitable for: Double Handled Insulated Mug with Optional Lid

Etac Universal Turner

This universal turner makes small, day-to-day tasks much easier, such as turning on taps, opening/locking doors or switching on the cooker, dishwasher or washing machine.Boosts a comfortable angled handle which...

Homecraft Two Handled Cup Mug with Spout and Splash Lids

This mug is designed to make drinking safer and easier for people with hand tremors. 2 handles to assist control. Supplied with two lids, one for anti-spill and one with...

Split Bud Vase Menu Holder

Made from vitrified earthenware Enhances table setting and holds menu card at the rear Available in green and yellow Dishwasher and microwave safe

Belliclamp Jar and Bottle Holder

This device hooks over the edge of a benchtop and the jar or bottle is then placed in the V. The object is clamped by the ram, which can be...

Undo-it Jar Opener

A V-shaped coated metal opener with non slip lining that is screwed underneath a shelf or cupboard. The jar is slid into the V section and then it is twisted...

One Touch Can Opener

Experience the blissful ease of one-touch can opening with our new One-Touch Can Opener No more severe twisting, turning or sharp edges this One Touch opens all standard-sized, round cans...

One Touch Jar Opener

Cook independently with our One-Touch Jar Opener This one-touch jar opener is easy to use and ideal for weak hands or one-handed operation. It slides on and off most standard-size...

One Touch Bottle Opener

Did you know that you don't need to strain or struggle to open any bottle, the One Touch Opener can do it with just one touch of a button? The...

Good Grips Can Opener

The GOOD GRIPS Can Opener makes opening any can SO easy on your hands, with the big cushioned handles giving you extra strength to pierce any can, and the oversized...

Automatic Can Opener

A one touch automatic can opener which will open almost any can. Locks and holds the can in position for easy one hand operation. 'Walks' around can and shuts off...

Plastazote Tubing

White polythene non absorbent tubing material ideal for building up handgrips. Commonly used to build up cutlery, pens, brushes.Comes in 1m lengths and available in various sizes. Dishwasher safe.

Dycem Jar Opener Blue

This device fits over and grips most twist off jar lids so the user can remove them with minimal effort. The jar opener is made of moulded Dycem, a non-slip...

Adjustable Jar Opener

With this fantastic adjustable jar opener, you will never struggle to open jars again This easy-to-use adjustable jar opener by Appetito securely grips the thread of the lid and maintains...

JarKey Jar Opener

Worlds easiest jar opener, pop it don't twist it' The JarKey is placed against the lid of the jar, and with a slight lift, the vacuum is released, and the...

Living aids that can assist people with disability or limited mobility function effortlessly in the Kitchen

Food preparation boards that help you prepare food with minimal effort. Enjoy a nice cup of tea the popular Uccello Safe Pour Kettle, available in Red or Black and Kettle tippers. Suitable for people who suffer from limited mobility or Arthritis. Eat with ease, thanks to our range of weighted and bendable cutlery. NDIS approved cutlery for disability cutlery. Trying to open a jar, can or bottle with limited hand mobility is frustrating, our range of automatic openers do all of the hard work for you. Daily Living Products dynamic range of Kitchen Aids can assist elderly, disability or people who suffer from limited mobility.