Safe & Found

Safe & Found is an initiative program by WA Police and Medic Alert that assists in locating missing people. 

Recording a loved one’s life history is a moving experience but even more so when it could be information that saves their life. What might feel like small details, such as an old home address or a favourite pastime, represents valuable information to Police Officers in the race against time if your loved one goes missing.

The launch of Safe & Found WA offers peace of mind that Western Australia Police Force has a new lifeline for West Australians concerned about someone that may be at risk of wandering.

"Police often found people with cognitive difficulties in places they felt familiar with, so having this information on hand immediately was a huge timesaver for search and rescue teams" - WA Police Inspector Steve Scott.

WA Police partnered with Australia Medic Alert Foundation to create Safe & Found WA in response to an increase in searches for persons living with dementia, autism and cognitive impairments. Police estimate that they will conduct 150 of these search operations around the state this year.  Searches for missing persons are always time and resource intensive and despite best efforts of the Police and search partners, can still end in tragedy.

Safe & Found WA assists Police in a search with immediately accessible detailed personal information about the missing person, compiled ahead of time and stored securely. This information will include former home or work addresses, habits and behaviours or perhaps where they may have been found in a previous search. A comprehensive description and a current photo will accompany this information, ensuring that WA Police have the information required to immediately broadcast a Be on the Lookout (BOLO) for a missing person to police officers and the wider community with the Emergency Alert system. Forget Me Not Member Café founder Angi McCluskey’s husband went missing from a picnic in Kings Park several years ago and was missing for over six hours before fortunately being found safe and well thanks to Police and Emergency Services.

“It’s one of those things that when it actually happens you’re not thinking of what he used to do, or where he used to go, or what’s his favourite place in the world. You’re just trying to find him.” Membership to Safe & Found WA gives you peace of mind that your detailed information and a recent photograph will be collected and securely stored ahead of time, ready to be accessed immediately by Police in the event that you go missing. A Safe & Found ID bracelet is also included with your membership, ensuring that if you appear disoriented, hurt or confused you can be identified easily and returned safely home.

Join now for $99 + P&H - Your Joining Membership Package includes your secure Safe & Found profile and a custom engraved Safe & Found ID bracelet.

(Ongoing annual membership fee to store your information is $49 – less than $1 per week. Seniors Card discount available. Please ask about funding assistance options.)

Safe & Found WA is a joint initiative of the Western Australia Police Force and Australia Medic Alert Foundation.

Visit or call MedicAlert on 1800 88 22 22


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