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Bath Sponge

Long handled sponges and pads mounted on plastic coated wire allowing the legs, feet and back to be reached. Wire is flexible enough to bend to any shape to make...

Shower Stool with Arms

Are you in search of a dependable and robust showering aid to ensure a secure and self-sufficient daily showering experience? Your search ends with the Kcare Shower Stool with arms!...

Anti-Slip Bath Mat

Looking for an affordable way to prevent falls in your bathroom? Unicare's Anti Slip bath mat is just what you need! Its anti-slip surface is equipped with suction cups that...

Shower Chair with arms

Experience a confident and safe shower with Kcare's shower chair with arms. It comes with a contoured backrest that offers maximum comfort, and the seat can be easily removed for...

Etac Body Washer

Etac Beauty body washer is designed to make it easy to reach and wash the body. The wash cloths do not absorb water which makes the product light and balanced...

Bottom Wiper

This bottom wiper has a moulded plastic head with recessed serrations to grip the paper, mounted on a lightweight curved handle. It is designed to be used from the front...

Lotion and Cream Applicator

The Dual Function Lotion and Cream Applicator applies cream and massages skin at the same time. Comes in a long handle applicator. Simply remove the top of the applicator and...

Easi Grip Rounded Scissors

If you find it difficult to use regular scissors due to weak fingers or dexterity, Easigrip scissors can be a great solution! These scissors have stainless steel blades and a...

Toilet Surround Frame

If you or someone you know needs a little extra help getting on and off the toilet, a sturdy frame can be a lifesaver. This frame is designed to be...

Toe Washer

For washing and drying between the toes. Bendable handle. Comes with two washable cloths.

Etac Back Washer

Etac Beauty back washer is designed to make it easier to reach and wash the back. The wash cloths do not absorb water which makes the product light and balanced...

Limbo Adult Full Leg Waterproof Injury Protector

LimbO waterproof protectors are easy to use, reusable and comfortable! Full leg waterproof Injury protector is suitable for a full leg cast or wound. Suitable for use when showering, bathing...

Etac Beauty Hairbrush

Etac Beauty Hairbrush offers independence with its lightweight design, making it the perfect styling tool to maintain and manage your hair with ease. Show off your beautiful locks with this...

Etac Beauty Hair Washer

The Etac Beauty Hair Washer is the perfect accessory for keeping your hair clean and beautiful. Its design provides convenience and ease of use. Enjoy the comfort of a thorough yet gentle wash...

Heavy Duty Shower Chair

Looking for a high-quality shower chair that is both safe and comfortable? Look no further than Kcare's Heavy Duty Shower Chair! Featuring a contoured seat with an inbuilt handle and...

Kcare Deluxe Bedside Commode

Kcare has delivered an attractive and effective design Bedside commode. This commode comes with a removable bowl with lid and carry handle as well as curved padded back. Zinc pre-treated...

Bath Transfer Bench

This Bath Transfer Bench is equipped with a 360-degree rotating feature and can slide from one end to the other. This rotation allows the user to access the seat from...

Heavy Duty Shower Stool with arms

Kcare's Heavy Duty Shower with Arms - is an ideal companion for those who appreciate extra seating support when showering! Bigger 28mm tubing ensures a secure hold during transfers, while...

Economy Bedside Commode

This Economy Bedside Commode is a practical chair to give you a secure and comfortable seating experience. Its Zinc-treated steel frame boasts adjustability, allowing you to customize the seat height,...

Aspire Classic Bedside Commode

Aspire's Classic Bedside Commode allows for toileting in the bedroom for users unable to travel between the bedroom and bathroom.  With height-adjustable legs it is easy to adjust with an easy push-button adjustment...

Etac Body Washer Replacement Cloth

Replacement cloth for Etac Body Washer. Comes with 2 cloths. Cotton with polythene inner lining.

LimbO Adult Waterproof Knee Injury Protector

Waterproof protection for your light knee dressing. Perfect for your shower (not suitable for the bath ‚Äď please select full leg protector instead). Easy to put on and use! Comfortable,...

Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift

If you're struggling with getting in and out of the bath, the Bathmaster Deltis can help you overcome these difficulties quickly and easily. This product is lightweight and easy to...

Aquatec Orca Bath Lift

This electric bath lift by Aquatec is a wonderful aid that helps people have a safe and enjoyable time while taking a bath. This electric bath lift by Aquatec is a wonderful aid that helps people have a safe and enjoyable time...
Grooming & personal care aids suitable for the bathroom.