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Unicare Toilet Seat Raiser with Arms

Raises sitting position, deep splashguard to minimise soiling and bolts to toilet using existing seat fixing points. Durable lightweight molded plastic unit, swing back removable arms assist in transfer and...

Aspire Portable Toilet Seat Raiser with lid

Give your toilet the extra height you need by fitting this portable toilet seat raiser, easy to instal and remove for cleaning. Fits standard toilets. This toilet seat raiser comes...

Redgum Folding Toilet Seat Raiser

A lightweight but sturdy aluminium frame with a pearl white finish, this folding toilet seat raiser is easy to fold making it handy to store away when not in use....

Toilet Surround Frame

New in strong aluminium toilet surround frame, ideal if you just need some extra support whilst getting up and down from the toilet. Podwer coated finish in white with grey...

Etac Cloo Toilet Seat Raiser with arms

The Cloo is a height adjustable toilet seat raiser which combines flexibility and simplicity. It can be adjusted to 2 different heights, 6cm or 10cm and can also be set...

Solari Toilet Seat Raiser

This standard size toilet seat raiser will fit over most toilets allowing you to raise and adjust the sitting position height and angle. Powder coated frame comes with toilet seat...

Aspire Portable Toilet Seat Raiser

Give your toilet the extra height you need by fitting this portable toilet seat raiser, easy to install and remove for cleaning. This toilet seat raiser does not come with...

Etac Hi-Loo Fixed with Arm Support

Etac Hi-Loo with fixed mounting is a discreet toilet seat raiser, that fits most toilets and attaches firmly and securely to the toilet. The ergonomically designed seat has recesses at...

Etac Swift Toilet Seat Raiser

Swift free standing toilet seat raiser provides very stable support. Its large base area and soft, large ferrules provide excellent floor grip. The seat is height adjustable and can be...

Throne Toilet Seat Spacers

Throne spacers come in two sizes, 50mm or 80mm. The Throne Toilet Spacers have been specifically designed to raise toilet seats. The spacer is supplied with longer bolts to secure...

Kcare Numo Toilet Arms

The 'Numo Toilet Arms' is an ideal solution for people who need extra support and assistance in the toilet. They are easily installed and adjusted to suit the individual, with...

Solari Toilet surround

The surround frame provides assistance for getting on and off the toilet. Height adjustable with rubber stoppers for added stability. Armrest Height: 660-790mm Width Inside Arms: 450mm