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Aspire Portable Toilet Seat Raiser with lid

Give your toilet the extra height you need by fitting this portable toilet seat raiser, easy to instal and remove for cleaning. Fits standard toilets. This toilet seat raiser comes...

Redgum Folding Toilet Seat Raiser

A lightweight but sturdy aluminium frame with a pearl white finish, this folding toilet seat raiser is easy to fold making it handy to store away when not in use....

Aspire Portable Toilet Seat Raiser without Lid

Give your toilet the extra height you need by fitting this portable toilet seat raiser, easy to install and remove for cleaning. This toilet seat raiser DOES NOT COME WITH...

Toilet Seat Raiser Over Toilet Aid

This toilet seat raiser/over toilet aid made by Kcare is designed to fit most standard-sized toilets. It's really convenient because you can adjust the height and angle of your sitting...

Unicare Toilet Seat Raiser with Arms

Raises sitting position, deep splashguard to minimise soiling and bolts to toilet using existing seat fixing points. Durable lightweight molded plastic unit, swing back removable arms assist in transfer and...

Toilet Surround Frame

If you or someone you know needs a little extra help getting on and off the toilet, a sturdy frame can be a lifesaver. This frame is designed to be...

Toilet Seat Raiser Freedom HBA444

Padded armrests can swing up and out of the way or easily removed for easy cleaning.Entire seat flips up so the bowl can be accessed without the seat.Height can be...

Throne Toilet Seat Spacers

Throne spacers come in two sizes, 50mm or 80mm. The Throne Toilet Spacers have been specifically designed to raise toilet seats. The spacer is supplied with longer bolts to secure...

Etac Hi Loo Raised Toilet Seat

Stable and comfortable toilet seat raiser with brackets. Hi-Loo with brackets is a raised toilet seat which is extremely stable and yet easy to remove. The seat is ergonomically shaped...

Etac Swift Toilet Seat Raiser

Swift free standing toilet seat raiser provides very stable support. Its large base area and soft, large ferrules provide excellent floor grip. The seat is height adjustable and can be...

Heavy Duty Toilet Seat Raiser Over Toilet Aid

Are you looking for a toilet aid that can support you comfortably? The Heavy Duty Toileting Aid by Kcare is perfect for people who need a little extra help while...

Aspire Homecare Over Toilet Aid

Aspire's Homecare Over Toilet Aid has an adjustable height, with a raised toilet seat that allows for safe ingress and egress when toileting. Designed with durable high grip feet for...

Etac Cloo Toilet Seat Raiser with arms

The Cloo is a height-adjustable toilet seat raiser which combines flexibility and simplicity. It can be adjusted to 2 different heights, 6cm or 10cm and can also be set with...

Etac Supporter toilet arm supports

Stable toilet arm supports mounted directly on the toiletEtac Supporter arm supports are foldable and have comfortable rounded hand grips. With its neat design, Supporter blends naturally into the bathroom.Supporter...

Our range of toilet aids can provide support to people with limited mobility.

Surrounds allow users to stabilise themselves prior to toileting. Toilet seat raisers can assist users who require additional height to their toilet seat. Toilet seat raisers are affordable, durable and are easy to install.

A toilet seat raiser is a perfect solution to ensure your loved ones are safe in the bathroom. Due to the elevated height, these popular aids prevent the risk of a user falling when they are going down to the toilet as well as when they stand up. The majority of the designs are made from moulded plastic, extremely similar to a standard toilet seat. The range is premium quality toileting aids that provide maximum comfort for the user.

We can ensure potential buyers that all of the toileting aids from Daily Living Products are easy to install and fit all standard toilet seat sizes. Some designs may include adjustable mounting brackets to allow for correct fitting for different sizing required.  Regain your independence in the bathroom with our range of toileting aids. Daily Living Products stock a wide range of toilet seat raisers and supports from a range of brands such as RedgumSolariEtacAspire and more! Shop our range online or instore, find your local DLP store here