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Uccello PowerPour Kettle

Say goodbye to heavy, bulky and unsafe kettles. Uccello Designs have created the perfect addition to your kitchen, boasting a stylish yet lightweight design and allowing you to pour a...

Weighted & Bendable Cutlery

Good Grips now known as Big Grip, Weighted & Bendable Utensils have 170g of added weight in the built-up handle. This provides more control so that the utensil reaches the...

Supergrip Cutlery

The supergrip cutlery range is comfortable, has wide ribbed built-up handles ideal for users with limited or weak hand function. Handle length is 102mm. Made from stainless steel and dishwasher...

One Touch Jar Opener

Cook independently with our One-Touch Jar Opener This one-touch jar opener is easy to use and ideal for weak hands or one-handed operation. It slides on and off most standard-size...

One Touch Bottle Opener

This one-touch operated bottle opener is ideal for those with weak or injured hands. Suitable for metal or plastic screw-top bottle caps up to 55mm diameter, it has rubber jaws...

One Touch Can Opener

Experience the blissful ease of one-touch can opening with our new One-Touch Can Opener No more severe twisting, turning or sharp edges this One Touch opens all standard-sized, round cans...

Caring Cutlery

A range of stainless stell utensils moulded into contoured, ivory coloured plastic handles with built up ends. This range is ideal for those with a weak grip and restricted wrist...

Big Grip Bendable Cutlery

Previously known as Good Grips. Big Grip's range of bendable cutlery is made of stainless steel featuring a 35mm diameter built-up handle. The forks and spoons have a special twist...

Can Opener J Popper Ring Pull

Practical kitchen helper - No more broken nails! This handy can opener is practical and designed for all cans with a ring-pull opening device. No more broken nails and sore...

JarKey Jar Opener

Worlds easiest jar opener, pop it don't twist it' The JarKey is placed against the lid of the jar, and with a slight lift, the vacuum is released, and the...

Etac Relieve Ergonomic Knives

These ergonomic relieve knives have an angled handle and sharp edge which make cutting easier. The angle of the handle keeps the wrist straight, thus making efficient use of the...

Automatic Can Opener

A one touch automatic can opener which will open almost any can. Locks and holds the can in position for easy one hand operation. 'Walks' around can and shuts off...

Queens Angled Cutlery

This range of utensils are angled and mounted on a rounded Queens built up handle, enabling those with limited wrist movement to eat more easily. The Knife has a blade...

Manoy Plate

These melamine oval shaped plates are designed to help those with one good hand or who have difficulty picking up food with utensils. Has a sloping bottom and high sided...

Stirex Knives

Stirex ergonomic knives make cutting easier allowing for a comfortable working position. Stirex knives are often use as rehabilitation aids by persons with weak hands or occupational injuries. The grip...

Medium Rectangle Non Slip Mats

These non slip mats are ideal for care environments and around the home. The non-slip material prevents movement between surfaces. They are easily cleaned with soapy water. All mats are...

Etac Light Cutlery with Thick Handle

These thick handled leightweight cutlery are gentle on the joints and relieves strain on the fingers. Oval handles which sit securely in the hand and allows various grips. The spoon...

Small Rectangle Non Slip Mats

These non slip mats are ideal for care environments and around the home. The non-slip material prevents movement between surfaces. They are easily cleaned with soapy water. All mats are...

Optional Lid for Insulated Cup Mug

Suitable for: Double Handled Insulated Mug with Optional Lid

Double Handled Insulated Cup Mug

Insulated. Made from plastic. Two handles Optional lid, please select if you wish to add it for an additional $5 (The optional lid has convenient angled drinking spout.)

Supergrip Bendable Cutlery

This supergrip cutlery range has comfortable, wide rubber built-up handles which are ideal for users with limited hand function. The bendable range is designed to be bent into any angle...

Homecraft Plastic Spread Board with spikes

Homecraft Plastic Spread Board has an L shaped corner, with stainless steel spikes to hold your food in place. This adaptive kitchen aid is perfect for one-hand use.

Amefa Curved Cutlery

Amefa Curved Cutlery are specialty cutlery suitable for people who suffer from limited mobility or arthritis Amefa Curved Cutlery is ergonomically designed. Giving people with gripping difficulties and limited wrist...

Goodgrip Swivel Peeler

The OXO GOOD GRIPS Swivel Peeler is simply the best peeler you will ever try! The sharp stainless steel blade glides through even the toughest fruit and vegetable skins with...

Eating and drinking aids to assist users with limited mobility, eat and drink with ease.

Dressing with ease...

Our dressing stick, Dorking aid and shoehorns are cheap and help you get dressed easily. You don't need to strain or overextend yourself with a task that can be completed very easily. The ability to dress independently is important to many people therefore we recommend viewing the aids we stock.  Shop our wide range of dressing aids here.