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Handy Bar

Handy Bar allows you to get in and out of the car safely, the strong steel part fits into the locking mechanism and stable support handle during transfer to/from a...
$55.00 $35.00

Twist Assist Swivel Cushion

The Twist Assist Transfer Cushion is a low-friction cushion that makes it easier for the user to turn sideways in a chair or car seat during patient transfer, or even...
$70.00 $60.00

Seat Belt Reacher

The seat belt reacher is simple but brilliant!  Allows for that extra reach which is often necessary when reaching fo the seatbelt. Easily attached, sold individually

Etac Easyturn Swivel Cushion

Easyturn' is a soft swivel cushion that facilitates transfer into and out of a vehicle. Also suitable for many situations where a swivel transfer is necessary. Prevents strain on knees,...

Leg Lifter

Enables the user to move a stiff or immobile leg when tranferring or dressing. Strength, sitting balance and dexterity are key. Small loop fits around the hand or wrist and...

Etac Star Standard Air Cell Cushion

The StarLock cushion comes with patented technology to lock the airflow between cells, providing customised support to the user and ensuring maximum positioning and stability. The air cells adjust to...

Etac StarLock Air Cell Cushion

The StarLock Air Cushion incorporates patented technology that allows the user to lock the airflow between cells, making it customisable to the individual's preferences and providing optimal positioning and stability....

Etac Star StabilAir Air Cell Cushion

The StabilAir comprises multiple cells that are filled with air and contain soft, contoured foam tubes. Two sizes of foam cylinders have been incorporated into its design to enhance its...

Etac Bed String with handles

Intended for the active user by providing support when moving to a sitting position in bed. In the sitting position, the user may use it to lean themselves forward to...