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ActivFlex Pain Relieving Gel is an AUSTRALIAN MADE premium gel that may relieve pain and boost your recovery. It may be used to treat minor pain associated with mild arthritis,...

Therapeutic Putty

Colour coded therapeutic putty with varied levels of resistance. Allows a user to increase circulation and strength through movement. Available in 3oz/85grams tubs.

Gel Ball Hand Exerciser

Brilliant invention to assist a user to regain strength and increase blood circulation. Ideal for hand and wrist exercise. 50mm Diameter. TPR Material, non stick formula. With a range of...

IMAK Arthritis Gloves

Reduces hand pain and swelling. Warms cold hands. Can improve circulations. Open fingertips do not reduce ability to grip, feel or touch.Available in small, medium and large. Small: Knuckle to...

Copper Bracelets

Magnetic Therapy Pain Relief Copper Bracelets. These copper bracelets combines magnets with attractive copper bracelet in various different styles. Top-quality copper bracelets, produced by a trusted supplier local supplier in...

Combined EMS and TENS Machine

Combined EMS and TENS Unit. Digital button controls EMS and TENS modes with large LCD display. Waveform: Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic square pulse Channel: Dual, isolated between channels Modes: 3 TENS and...

Flexeze 12 hr Heat Patch

Flexeze Patches are the safe, convenient way to relieve tense or tight muscles for up to 12 hours. Each patch contains a soft, flexible backing that adheres to underclothing and...

Golden Relief REM Magnets

To see if this product is suitable for you, always seek advice from your Health Professional before purchase The 6 magnetic pack comes with 2 sheets of 12 plasters. (24)....

Seirin Acupuncture Needles

Seirin Japanese acupuncture needles are made modern technology that allows for smooth painless insertion using less pressure. Features an easy grip, color coded, lightweight 2.0 x 20mm plastic handle with...

PALS Valutrode Square

Pals ValuTrode 5cm x 5cm - Packet of 4. A reliable, long-lasting gel that adheres when and where it should time after time. The PALS ValuTrode™ offers excellent quality and...

PALS Valutrode Rectangle

Pals ValuTrode 9cm x 4cm - Packet of 4. A reliable, long-lasting gel that adheres when and where it should time after time. The PALS ValuTrode™ offers excellent quality and...

IMAK Active Compression Gloves

Ideal for promoting a healthy, pain-free lifestyle, IMAK Active Compression Gloves provide gentle compression and warmth to ease discomfort and stiffness in your hands. With increased circulation and healing, these...

Metron Pro Tens Machine

Always seek advice from your Health Professional before purchase, to see if this product is suitable for you. What does TENS stand for?- Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. What is TENS...

Tens Replacement Leads

2.5mm leads to suit Metron Pro Tens and Digi Tens. Price is for a pair.

Magnetic Therapy Knee/Elbow Support

Elastic tube gives firm support for the weak knee or elbow, useful when playing golf or exercising. The complete piece slides over leg/arm and gives support and confidence when walking...

Being in pain is one of the most difficult things to deal with, especially if there is no end in sight. The good news is that there are a number of pain-relieving products on the market that can make a real difference to your daily life.

At Daily Living Products, we offer a number of quality options that will help you to regain control over your pain or help someone you care about to deal with their pain – take a look at our online catalogue now!

The Products We Offer

From joint supports to heat patches and exercisers to Tens machines, there is an option that will suit a wide range of different types of pain. Each of our products has been carefully selected based on quality, effectiveness and value for money, so that you can invest in something that will make a positive impact on your pain.

Keeping Your Items in Great Condition

When you by a product from us, we are committed to helping you make the most of it, for the longest time possible. If you purchase a machine or mobility aid that needs to be serviced, we can do this for you, and we also offer a repair service if your items ever stop working the way they should.

At Daily Living Products, we work hard to find the very best solutions for a wide range of needs and only ever offer items that offer a positive outcome for our customers. Take a moment to browse through our range of items and get in touch with our team if you have any questions – we are always here to help!