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Pick Up Reacher

This hand reacher is a very popular choice with its extra hook and magnet on the end, making it easier to pick up various different-sized items. The claws are wire...

Standard Pick Up Reacher

A unique lightweight but robust, wear resistant reacher. Ideal for retrieving or reaching a wide variety of items in the home, garden or out shopping.  Twin rubber lined jaws for a superb grip,...

Etac Aktiv Reacher

Light and ergonomically designed handles to make reaching and gripping easier. The jaws open wide but still grab the smallest item. Come with a magnet in the handle to help...

Etac Aktiv Reacher Power Grip and Hook

This reacher has an 90° angled handle and a forearm support which enables use by people with very limited lifting ability and weak hands. The jaws are provided with hooks...