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Premium Recliner Covers

Protect your furniture from stains, and spills, and wear with our Premium Recliner Covers. If you have pets or children at home, you know how challenging it can be to...

Donatello Lift Chair Recliner

Kcare's Donatello Lift Chair Recliner is not only premium comfort but also luxury features Kcare Donatello Lift Chair Recliner has four motors, including headrest as well as, lumbar adjustment functions....

Boston Ezy Motion Lift Recliner - 1 Motor

Boston Ezy Motion Lift Recliner Chair The Boston lift chair package is crafted with high-quality Warwick fabric and comes in two finishes. It features a sturdy design and a single...

Pride C1 Petite Lift Chair

Experience customised comfort at the touch of a button with the Pride C1 3-position power lift recliner from Pride Mobility. Place your feet on the padded footrest extension and enjoy...

Padded Legrest

Relax with the luxurious padding and supportive angle of the Unicare Padded Legrest. This padded leg rest from Unicare offers angled support to the legs, aiding in circulation. It is...

Ultracare Mobile Lift Chair

Ultracare Mobile Lift Chair is a lift, rest and recline armchair by RedgumBRAND This is the newest lift chair by RedgumBRAND is already a customer favourite! The Ultracare lift chair...

Pride 660 Recliner Lift Chair

Understated style meets elite performance. The 660 infinite-position power lift recliner from Pride Mobility won’t disappoint. Equipped with a backup battery system should the power fail, this small to medium...

Pride C101 Recliner Lift Chair

If you are searching for a chair that ticks your boxes, look no further than Pride’s C101 Recliner Lift Chair. Elite performance meets understated class. The Pride C-101 power lift...

Theorem Eton Recliner Lift Chair

The Eton is a stylish dual motor lift chair with a new innovative 'box in box' mechanism, this fully enclosed feature means that nothing can inadvertently obstruct the chair while...

Theorem Studio Recliner Lift Chair

Revamp your living room with the Studio electric recliner lift chair, a modern design that offers unparalleled comfort. Featuring a four-motor system, you can easily adjust the head, back, leg,...

The Mercer Recliner Lift Chair

Theorem Concepts Mercer Lift Chair delivers the perfect balance of comfort, quality and contemporary style through innovative design. These contemporary recliners and lift chairs incorporate features such as an independent...

Theorem Ealing Recliner Lift Chair

This elegant full leather, dual motor recliner lift chair offers independent head and lumbar support, giving exceptional comfort whether you're sitting up or resting back. You will be sure to...

Pembroke Petite Dual Motor Recliner Lift Chair

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with the dual motor Pembroke (Petite) Recliner Lift Chair - the next generation in comfort. Indulge in ultimate luxury with the dual motor Pembroke...

Configura Lift Chair Black- Dual Motor

Introducing the brand-new Configura Comfort chair in an all-black vinyl color. This chair is the perfect choice for those who prefer a chic and personalized look in their homes. It...

Configura Lift Chair Beige - Dual Motor

Discover the revolutionary Configura Comfort chair, a marvel of modern design that offers groundbreaking levels of performance and affordability.Features: 2 Motor Vinyl material Tilt-in-Space Interchangeable backrest options - adjustable pillow...

Manhattan Lift Chair Ezy Motion - Dual Motor

Ezy Motion Manhattan Dual Motor Lift Recliner Chair Boasting an intuitive lift motor and control cord, the Manhattan keeps comfort just a button away. Upholstered in luxurious Warwick fabric, it's...

Ezy Motion Jackson Lift Chair - 4 Motor

Jackson Lift Chair by Ezy Motion Boasting an independent lift motor to afford more customization, the Jackson comes with a hand-held remote, guaranteeing it is always close at hand! The...

Theorem Concepts Winslow Recliner Lift Chair

The world's first power lift recliner with five motors and app control was introduced to you by Theorem Power Lift Recliners. The Winslow chair by Theorem is an innovative recliner...

Aspire Oregon Space Saver Lift Recline Chair

Stability, Independence and Support Aspire's Oregon Space Saver Lift Recliner Chair is an affordable yet stylish recliner chair option for you! Oregon Space Saver comes with a range of luxury features and...

Pride LC107 Recliner Lift Chair

Pride's LC-107 infinite-position power lift recliner offers lasting support and comfort Superior performance meets exceptional value for money. Available in three exciting colour options, this medium-sized chair is designed to stand the...

Pride 560 Recliner Lift Chair

If you’re hunting for a new addition to your living room, look no further than the 3-position 560 power lift recliner from Pride Mobility. Striking an ideal balance between form...

Pride C6 Recliner Lift Chair

Looking for a new piece of furniture that will suit your individual taste? Pride's C6 is the chair for you! The Pride C6 Recliner Lift Chair infinite-position power lift recliner,...

Pride C5 Recliner Lift Chair

Pride's C5 power lift recliner is certain to make an impact. An all-steel frame provides enhanced strength and durability, while an adjustable seat-to-floor height and seat depth provide a truly custom...

Ibis Multilift Twin Motor Lift Chair

*This is a custom made chair. Current ETA is 12-16 weeks* Made right here in Western Australia! Ibis chairs are made-to-order, custom and premium quality lift chairs. Features: Twin motor allows backrest...

At Daily Living Products, we stock Perth's largest range of Recliner Lift Chairs! 

We understand that finding the right recliner lift chair is important to your comfort, wellbeing, and independence. There is nothing worse than having furniture that is inaccessible, especially when it is taking up room in your home. With a wide range of recliner lift chairs to choose from, you can relax and move with ease. Choose from trusted recliner lift chair brands such as; Pride, Kcare, Theorem, Aspire and much more!

Accessing the Best Equipment Every Time

Needing help to sit or stand is very common as is the need to find an accessible seat that offers you comfort and practical support. We have a number of options for you to choose from including lift and recliner chairs, high back and mid-back chairs and cushions. All you need to do is decide what will work best for your needs and then let us get to work! We are always on hand to help you decide and offer our expert advice so that you subsequently end up with the right solution for your needs.

Changing your Lift Chair emergency battery

We recommend checking or changing your Lift Chair emergency battery on July 1 every year. Our service technicians can change your lift chair battery in the comfort of your own home. You don't have to lift a finger! Does your lift chair need repairing? Our technicians can diagnose any issues over the phone or on-site for a small fee. All you need to do is call us 1300364460 or email for more information.