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Twist Assist Swivel Cushion

The Twist Assist Transfer Cushion is a low-friction cushion that makes it easier for the user to turn sideways in a chair or car seat during patient transfer, or even...

Premium Comfort Cushion

The REDGUM BRAND Premium Comfort Cushion is a locally sourced Australian foam cushion designed to offer outstanding comfort and value. The Premium Comfort Cushion is available in five different comfort...

Diffuser Cushion - Pressure Diffusing Memory Foam Chair Cushion

Enjoy the forgiving properties of pressure diffusing Memory Foam. A premium density Australian-made pressure-relief cushion made from Memory Foam with a special inner core of heavy density traditional foam.Optimum pressure...

Convoluted Ring Cushion

This cushion comfortably conforms to body contours to reduce pressure point discomfort. Made of one-piece, puncture-proof convoluted foam rubber, the affected areas are suspended by the unique central cavity for...

Basset Lumbar Support

The Bassett Lumbar Support is a lightweight back rest designed for use in cars, chairs and wheelchairs. Features a curved metal frame with a contoured open mesh to support the...

Silicone Fibre Cushion

An ideal choice for geriatric or palliative care, this soft cushion is made from silicone-coated cylindrical fibres covered by a breathable cotton/polyester cover. These fibres are specially designed to retain...

The General Equagel Pressure Cushion

EquaGel is perfect for people needing a serious pressure or pain-relieving cushion, it's made of a dry-polymer gel that has a rubbery touch.  Equagel pressure cushion is a 2” tall EquaGel...

Push Cush

The Push Cush is an award-winning inflatable foot cushion and exercise aid that relieves swollen legs and feet when travelling or sitting for long periods of time. It is ideal...

Swivel Cushion

Flexible fabric with easy turn discs Non-slip padded surface Diameter Size is 17″ x 17″ (43cm x 43cm)

Katie Day Chair Multi Adjustable High Back Chair

Redgum's Katie Day Chair High Back & Adjustable Chair to assist the Disabled or Elderly Finished in Epoxy Coated framework with large padded armrest, a comfortable seat, and a contour...

Cushion Silicone Fibre Ring

A soft seat cushion with central cavity for pressure relief of affected areas. Uniquely constructed of silicone coated cylindrical hollow core fibres for extra support and comfort. Also helps reduced...

Premium Recliner Covers

This SmarCute functional and stylish furniture protector / slipcover protects your furniture sofa from stains, pet hair, spills, wear and tear, prevent your cushion from liquid, food. Ideal for homes...

Redgum Dual Layer Memory Foam Comfort Cushion

The newest cushion from Redgum boasts outstanding pressure relief from the dual layer memory foam, you can expect maximum comfort at a minimum cost. With a soft touch removable as...

Supporta Seat Wedge

The Supporta Seat Wedge will allow you or your client to adjust their sitting position to ease hip and lower back discomfort. Suitable for use in the car, at work,...

Foam Cushion with Gel Insert

This foam pressure care cushion is suited to people at low to medium risk of pressure injury that is, damage to the skin and underlying tissue as a result of...

Etac Easyturn Swivel Cushion

Easyturn' is a soft swivel cushion that facilitates transfer into and out of a vehicle. Also suitable for many situations where a swivel transfer is necessary. Prevents strain on knees,...

Kcare Hilite Chair

This lightweight but sturdy chair has been designed for comfort. With its contoured backrest to provide lumbar and neck support. Both the seat height and angle are adjustable. Available in...

Donatello Lift Chair Recliner

Kcare's Donatello Lift Chair Recliner is not only premium comfort but also luxury features Kcare Donatello Lift Chair Recliner has four motors, including headrest as well as, lumbar adjustment functions....

Cushion Seating Wedge

Ideal for people sitting for long periods, this multi-purpose foam seating wedge helps maintain the natural curve of the spine and alleviates nerve pressure in the lower to mid back...

Cushion Durable Lumbar

Great lumbar support for anyone who has to sit for long periods, this foam cushion is engineered to provide comfort and support to the lower back and spine. The contoured...

Pride C1 Petite Lift Chair

Experience customised comfort at the touch of a button with the Pride C1 3-position power lift recliner from Pride Mobility. Place your feet on the padded footrest extension and enjoy...

Utility Desk Chair

The Utility chair is a multi-purpose adjustable seat height chair with the added feature of cut off arms. This allows you to sit closer into a table Choice of two...

Posture Wedge Cushion

This posture wedge cushion assits with maintaining posture for persons sitting for extended periods, it helps encourage the pelvic tilt. Great quality and Australian made, woven polyester which is a...

Ring Cushion

Provides pressure free comfort when sitting. Designed for post natal and post operative discomfort. Suitable for people who have suffered with haemorrhoids, hip bursitis, coccyx or prostate inflammation and alike....
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