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Non slip circulation socks

These specially crafted anklet socks are a must-have for diabetes sufferers and those engaging in physical activity such as Pilates, Yoga, and all-day use at home. A sure-grip design and...

Non Slip Anklet Socks

These specifically designed anklet socks are ideal for diabetics and also a good option for movement activities such as Pilates, Yoga and general wear around the home to provide superior...

Shear Comfort Heel Protector

Shear Comfort Heel Protectors shield the skin on the heels, and provide protection for existing damaged skin. The wool layer wraps around the heel and ankle, leaving the rest of...

Protect A Limb

Assists with the prevention of skin tears. A moisture transporting antifriction tube with wrinkle-free fit. This product has exceptional moisture transport properties and will maintain skin integrity in the elderly...

Premium Recliner Covers

This SmarCute functional and stylish furniture protector / slipcover protects your furniture sofa from stains, pet hair, spills, wear and tear, prevent your cushion from liquid, food. Ideal for homes...

Face Masks

1 box. 50 Masks are in a box. Fluid Resistance. Moldable, metal nose bridge. TGA approved.

Shear Comfort Palm Protector

Palm Protectors can offer relief from curling fingers, hand contractures and cramping. The Palm Protector is put on over the thumb and around the hand, providing a cushioning pad for...

Gelbodies Heel & Ankle Protection

The Gelbodies protectors use a pressure-relieving gel to offer additional padding to points on the body where pressure sores tend to form. The addition of padding to these areas improves...


HeadSavers are available in two sizes which are fully Velcro adjustable to fit most people. When placed on the head HeadSaver offers an extremely comfortable fit that holds the HeadSaver...

LimbO Adult Full Leg Waterproof Injury Protector

LimbO waterproof protectors are easy to use, reusable and comfortable! Full leg waterproof Injury protector is suitable for a full leg cast or wound. Suitable for use when showering, bathing...

Blanket Support Rail

Looking for relief from pain, tension, and pressure in your feet? The Blanket Support Rail by Redgum is designed to hold covers off your feet, providing relief that is particularly...

Shear Comfort Wrap Around Boot

The Shear Comfort Wrap Around Boot™ offers full foot protection for use in and outdoors thanks to the low-profile rubber sole. Comfort and an accommodating fit are ensured by the...

Shear Comfort Pressure Care Boot

The Pressure Care Boot is designed to provide comfort, support, and freedom to those at risk from skin ulcers of the foot or ankle. The open toe design allows for...

Magnetic Ankle Guard

This seamless open heel magnetic ankle guard comes with 12 sewn in magnets. The elastic support gives strong support and comfort for weak and injured ankles, whilst giving a reassuring...

LimbO Adult Waterproof Knee Injury Protector

Waterproof protection for your light knee dressing. Perfect for your shower (not suitable for the bath – please select full leg protector instead). Easy to put on and use! Comfortable,...

Hipsaver Nursing Home Starter Kit

HipSaver Nursing Home style are designed for the comfort of residents and also provide peace of mind for carers. HipSaver Nursing Home is a durable brief with a roomy fit...

Hipsaver Nursing Home Pants Only

This item is for 1 pant with open pouches for holding removable interchangable hip protecting pads. (hip protecting pads not included) The nursing home style are a durable brief with...

Shear Comfort Elbow Protector

Shear Comfort Elbow Protectors fit snugly around the elbows, creating a shielded area for healing and protection against knocks. Elbow protectors can be used to warm aching elbow joints, protect...

Gelbodies Shin Protectors

The Gelbodies protectors use a pressure relieving gel to offer additional padding to points on the body where pressure sores tend to form.  The addition of padding to these areas...

Gelbodies Knee Protectors

The Gelbodies protectors use a pressure relieving gel to offer additional padding to points on the body where pressure sores tend to form. The addition of padding to these areas...

Gelbodies Heel & Elbow Protection

The Gelbodies protectors use a pressure relieving gel to offer additional padding to points on the body where pressure sores tend to form. The addition of padding to these areas...

Elastic Palm Guard

Very easy to wear and versatile Palm Guard. Unlike other Mittens this can be worn on either hand. This seamless open thumb and fingers elastic palm guard comes with 12...

JAY Soft Combi P Wheelchair Cushion

The JAY soft combi wheelchair cushion boasts premium comfort and basic positioning. With a pre-molded incontinence-resistant coated foam base, a deeper leg trough, and medial thigh support. The cover is easy...

JAY Duo Wheelchair Cushion

The JAY Duo Wheelchair cushion features an integrated, contoured solid seat pan with soft foam and a fluid seat cushion. The Duo provides optimal comfort and skin protection without affecting...

Safety is one of the most important factors in life and when we or someone we love has mobility needs then they are at greater risk of getting injured as they carry out their daily tasks.

At Daily Living Products, we have a wide selection of items that can help prevent injuries and we also offer a number of items that work with injuries so you can carry on with daily living. Find out more about these products and then take a look at what is on offer!

Helping You to Avoid Injuries

There are a number of conditions that make people more prone to slips, trips and falls but the good news is that there are also a number of products that will help to protect you from sustaining injuries.

From anti-slip footwear and socks to protective clothing, there really is something for every need – meaning that you can look forward to enjoying life more safely than ever before.

Supporting Your Needs

If you have sustained an injury, it is important to adhere to the advice you are given in order for it to heal properly. However, if you have suffered a break and need to keep it dry, you face the prospect of struggling to stay clean.

We have a number of injury protectors to choose from so that you can enjoy a shower, swim or bath even when you are healing.

If you have any questions about our products or you want some personalised advice on what to choose for your needs then do not hesitate to call or email us and we will be happy to help.