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Shower Mat

This shower mat has an anti-slip surface, suction cups secure mat to shower floor and it is machine washable. 540 x 540mm.

Conni Absorbent Anti Slip Floor Mat

This absorbent mat is ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, designed to sit firm and flat on the floor to help falls. The non splash surface absorbs...

Male Urinal with Lid

Ideal for people confined to a wheelchair or bed. Polypropylene moulded bottle. Designed with an integrated handle, snap-on cap to prevent spillage and calibrated for output recording. 1L Capacity Length:...

Great Grips Tap and Door Rubber Grip Turner

These non slip grips, work with taps and door handles to open with ease! With a slightly more rigid design than the coloured great grips providing more leverage. Transparent. Soft...

Tube Squeezer Tubemaster

Gets every bit out of the tube, Simple and Practical! The tubeMaster is an elegant little helper that squeezes out the last bits of toothpaste and expensive cosmetics out of...

Suction Grab Rails

The new suction cup Grab Rails are designed to assist individuals to position or balance themselves and improve safety and reduce the risk of falls at home. Quick and easy...

Spillproof Urinal

Reduces risk of spillage. Suitable for many varied needs. Colour may vary.

Male Urinal

Ideal for people confined to a wheelchair or bed. Polypropylene moulded bottle. Integrated handle. 1L Capacity

Etac Torkel Toilet Paper Tongs

A lightweight toilet paper tong for increased range of motion. The Torkel paper tongs function as en extended arm and make it possible to manage intimate hygiene tasks for those...

Crystal Tap Turner

The tap turner clamps around modern cylindrical tap tops and provides the leverage to turn them easily.

Suction Cup Shower Head Holder

This new Suction Cup Shower head holder is designed to fit most shower head devices, can be attached to any flat glass or tile surface (no fixings requird). Replace your...

Premium Grab Rail

This new range of grab rails come with a hygienic seal, which seals firm to the wall and prevents the accumulation of unhelathy grime. 32mm grab rails Mount grab rail...