Stroke recovery aids are recommended rehabilitation equipment. Daily Living's range of daily living aids provides a stroke sufferer with the opportunity to maintain independence. From personal hygiene assistive products to specialised cutlery, mobility scooters as well as other mobility equipment.


Stay mobile in the comfort of your own home with an indoor walker and mobility equipment. Shower safely and confidently with bathroom aids. Eat independently with specialised cutlery as well as ergonomic mugs. Daily Living Products can provide you with a wide range of recovery aids. Shop now!


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Bottom Wiper

This bottom wiper has a moulded plastic head with recessed serrations to grip the paper, mounted on a lightweight curved handle. It is designed to be used from the front...

Good Grips Bendable Cutlery

Good Grips Cutlery Bendable Utensils are made of stainless steel featuring a 35mm diameter built-up handle. The forks and spoons have a special twist built into the metal shaft that...

Aspire Tray Walker

A sturdy and robust tray walker ideal for use around the house to help move meals, drinks, and other objects.  Easy to maneuver with 4 wheels, comes with locking hand brakes. This...

Etac Beauty Hairbrush

The Etac Brush is curved to follow the shape of the head. This means that the handle can be held close to the body to provide high comfort and control...

Etac Back Washer

Etac Beauty back washer is designed to make it easier to reach and wash the back. The wash cloths do not absorb water which makes the product light and balanced...

Etac Body Washer

Etac Beauty body washer is designed to make it easy to reach and wash the body. The wash cloths do not absorb water which makes the product light and balanced...

Etac Beauty Hair Washer

Beauty hair washer substitutes the fingers to apply shampoo and massage the scalp. The shaft and handle are of the same design as the body washer, making it easier to...

Male Urinal

Ideal for people confined to a wheelchair or bed. Polypropylene moulded bottle. Integrated handle. 1L Capacity

Spillproof Urinal

Reduces risk of spillage. Suitable for many varied needs. Colour may vary.

Ornamin Vital Ergo Mug

The Vital Cup supersedes the nose Cup. The special and innovative geometry of the Inside of the Cup ensures that the cup can be emptied without tilting the head back...

Ornamin Ergoplus Mug

This cup has quick and easy content control, it comes with a scale on the inside of the Cup. It is suitable for tremor patients, even when there are strong...

Shoprider Getabout Scooter

The Shoprider Getabout has been designed to be easily folded and transported, ideal for people wanting to travel via vehicle, aeroplane or ship. The Getabout features a patented easy fold...