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Stirex ergonomic knives make cutting easier allowing for a comfortable working position. Stirex knives are often use as rehabilitation aids by persons with weak hands or occupational injuries.

The grip is placed on a suitable angle to give the arm, wrist and hand a natural and relaxed working position so that the cutting power from the arm is transferred to the centre of the blade with minimal effort.

Blades are constructed from stainless steel whilst the handles are durable polypropylene. Dishwasher safe.

5" Cooks Knife - straight blade 126mm x 2.5mm (U-40-5)
6" Cooks Knife - straight blade 152mm x 2.5 mm (U-40-6)
8" Cooks Knife - straight blade 200 mm x 2mm (U-2)
General Purpose - serrated blade 170 mm x 1.0 mm (U-KN-1)
Serrated Bread Knife - serrated blade 200mm x 1mm (U-KN-3)
Cutlery Knife - straight blade 112mm x 1mm (CK-112)
Pronged Knife/Fork End - slightly curved straight blade with 2 pronged tip 114mm x 1.3mm (FK-114)
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