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Angled Cutlery for Limited Wrist Movement

These cutlery items have an angled head that makes them perfect for individuals with limited wrist mobility. The angled design allows for ease of use for those who can only move their wrists a small amount. The fork and spoon come in both left and right-handed options, while the knife's blade is bent at an angle and cuts food using a rocking motion..

Utensils for one-handed dining combine the functions of cutlery into a single tool. They are especially useful for people with hemiparesis after a stroke or amputees. For example, a spork has a rounded body that allows you to scoop food like a spoon, while the prongs enable you to pick up food like a fork. Another type of utensil called the nelson knife has a cutting blade that curves into a pronged fork.

Additionally, soft-coated spoons are helpful for individuals with a sensitive mouth or a bite reflex issue. These stainless steel spoons are dipped in soft, food-grade PVC. However, due to the nature of their use, soft-coated utensils are only guaranteed for three months.


  • Adaptive cutlery range is designed to help people with a weak grip
  • Designed to increase the independence of anyone who struggles with eating
  • Stainless steel utensils are durable for daily use during meals
  • Cylindrical handle is slightly tapered to assist those with a weak grasp
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, all items are hygienically sealed for long-term


  • Weight 55g
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