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Shower Stool with arms

This strong durable shower comes in Zinc or Aluminium and both have a maximum weight capacity of 110kg. It is adjustable in height and therefore can be angled if needed....

Shower Chair with arms

Designed for use in the shower with a maximum weight capacity of 110kg. This shower chair has a contoured backrest to provide maximum comfort and the seat can be easily...

Body Form Pressure Reducing Mattress

The mattress has been developed to assist patients at a medium risk of developing pressure sores. Benefits: The top layer of Visco Elastic Gel-Infused Memory Foam reduces pressure. Conforms to...

Solari Toilet surround

The surrounding frame provides assistance for getting on and off the toilet. Height is adjustable with rubber stoppers for added stability. Armrest Height: 660-790mm Width Inside Arms: 450mm

Alternating Air Pressure Mattress

Includes a 100% waterproof, seam-sealed, stretch PU cover. Features and Benefits 18 5” Air Cells with a 3” Pocket for foam Pillow function, bottom foam replacement Nylon TPU air cells...

Blanket Support Bed Rail

This blanket support is desgined to keep bed clothes clear of feet and legs, protecting sensitive skin areas. This rail positions under mattress. Width: 330mm Depth: 470mm Height: 535mm

Solari Toilet Seat Raiser Over Toilet Aid

This standard size toilet seat raiser / over toilet aid will fit over most toilets allowing you to raise and adjust the sitting position height and angle. The powder-coated frame...