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Shoprider Getabout Scooter

The Shoprider Getabout has been designed to be easily folded and transported, ideal for people wanting to travel via vehicle, aeroplane or ship. The Getabout features a patented easy-fold seat...

Shoprider Allrounder Scooter

This impressive model comes loaded with all the features you expect from a Shoprider features including Gas Adjustable Tiller, Powerful 1.5hp motor, Soft Ride Suspension, and Airflow Comfort Seat The...

Shoprider Rainrider Scooter

Shoprider is proud to release a world first in function and design with its fully covered mobility scooter ‚ÄúRainRider‚ÄĚ The RainRider has been designed and engineered to maximize the user's...

Shoprider 889D Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

The Shoprider 889D Large Mobility Scooter is a new model that has been specifically added to the Shoprider range to assist with the demand for a wide mobility scooter. The...

Shoprider The Viking Scooter

The Shoprider 779XLS Viking provides the comfort of a large scooter with the added advantage of the deluxe suspension system. The 779XLS has all the luxury features and rugged and durable...

Shoprider 889SL Scooter

The Shoprider 889SL is still the benchmark for ride quality and smooth handling The new features on the 889SL include Gas Adjustable Tiller and Rear Adjustable Suspension plus all the...

Shoprider 888ix Venturer Scooter

Setting new standards for design and functionality This scooter offers a modern streamlined design with many updated features including an easy to use tiller dash, full LED lighting with a...

Shoprider 888SE Explorer Scooter

The Shoprider 888SE boasts a robust design that is ideal for people on the move. Shoprider's 888SE Explorer is designed with four 26 cm (10″) wheels which provide added safety and security while...

Shoprider Rocky 8 Scooter

The Shoprider Rocky 8 New Release 2020 Model is a range-topping model from Shoprider. It now has a number of upgraded features that ensure this scooter is still the benchmark...

Shoprider Rocky 4 Scooter

The Shoprider Rocky 4 is an outstanding model from the extensive range of mobility scooters available from Shoprider. The Rocky 4 is the budget-priced alternative for a large mobility scooter, it...

Shoprider GK9 Little Ripper Scooter

The GK9 Little Ripper is a fully portable model that offers exceptional functionality for each user. The Little Ripper has many features found on the larger scooters with the added...

Shoprider GK10 Crossover Scooter

The Shoprider Crossover portable scooter is the largest portable scooter in the Shoprider range, this scooter combines many of the features found in the larger Shoprider models with the added...