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Pride C1 Petite Lift Chair

Experience customised comfort at the touch of a button with the Pride C1 3-position power lift recliner from Pride Mobility. Place your feet on the padded footrest extension and enjoy...

Pride 660 Recliner Lift Chair

Understated style meets elite performance. The 660 infinite-position power lift recliner from Pride Mobility won’t disappoint. Equipped with a backup battery system should the power fail, this small to medium...

Pride C101 Recliner Lift Chair

If you are searching for a chair that ticks your boxes, look no further than Pride’s C101 Recliner Lift Chair. Elite performance meets understated class. The Pride C-101 power lift...

Pride LC107 Recliner Lift Chair

Pride's LC-107 infinite-position power lift recliner offers lasting support and comfort Superior performance meets exceptional value for money. Available in three exciting colour options, this medium-sized chair is designed to stand the...

Pride 560 Recliner Lift Chair

If you’re hunting for a new addition to your living room, look no further than the 3-position 560 power lift recliner from Pride Mobility. Striking an ideal balance between form...

Pride C6 Recliner Lift Chair

Looking for a new piece of furniture that will suit your individual taste? Pride's C6 is the chair for you! The Pride C6 Recliner Lift Chair infinite-position power lift recliner,...

Pride C5 Recliner Lift Chair

Pride's C5 power lift recliner is certain to make an impact. An all-steel frame provides enhanced strength and durability, while an adjustable seat-to-floor height and seat depth provide a truly custom...

Pride D30 Recliner Lift Chair

Pride's D30 is sure to impress Purchase a Pride power lift recliner with confidence. If you’re in search of a lift chair that won’t let you down, look no further...

Pride Lift Recliner Chairs ooze style and performance

Lift Recliner Chairs are the best option for people who need assistance to come to a standing position from a chair. Lift Chairs have come a long way since they first launched and Pride is one of the main lift chair manufacturers on the market. Their trusted brand has grown internationally and you can shop with confidence when you shop Pride Lift Recliner Chairs. Daily Living Products stocks the most significant Pride Lift Recliner Chairs range in Perth. With a wide range suitable for any individual requirements. Pride’s extensive range allows you to choose between a 2 or 4 motor as well as a range of colours. Their range is designed to be a contemporary and functional addition to your lounge room or residence. Irrespective of your personal style, health requirements or budget, Pride will have the right lift chair for you! 

2 motor or 3-position chairs

A 2 motor lift chair gives the user the option to adjust the angle of their leg rest and backrest. The 2 motor or 3-position recline option also offers the user to rise the chair, bringing them to a standing position. A 3-position option is a standard and entry-level option for Pride’s chairs. All 2 motor chairs come with a basic and easy to read hand remote - which is a preferred option for customers. As these options are entry-level, they come at a more affordable price. Browse the 2 motor collections today; C1, C5, C101, D30 and 560

4 motor or infinite position

A 4 motor chair offers the user a complete customised comfort experience. With the ability to adjust the angle of the footrest, backrest, lumbar support and full recline. This is a suitable option for users who want to nap in their lounge chairs. The 4 motor option comes with a more technical hand remote and our team can explain it to you in-store. Designed with more features, the 4 motor chairs come with a more expensive price tag. Browse the 4 motor range here; C6, LC-107 and 660.