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Pride C1 Recliner Lift Chair

Experience customised comfort at the touch of a button with the Pride C1 3-position power lift recliner from Pride Mobility. Place your feet on the padded footrest extension and enjoy...

Pride 660 Recliner Lift Chair

Understated style meets elite performance. The 660 infinite-position power lift recliner from Pride Mobility won’t disappoint. Equipped with a backup battery system should the power fail, this small to medium...

Pride C101 Recliner Lift Chair

Pride C101 Recliner Lift Chair. Elite performance meets understated class. The Pride C-101 power lift recliner from Pride Mobility sets a new standard in customised relaxation. Available in three striking...

Pride LC107 Recliner Lift Chair

Superior performance meets exceptional value for money. The LC-107 infinite-position power lift recliner offers lasting support and comfort. Available in three exciting colour options, this medium-sized chair is designed to...

Pride L560 Recliner Lift Chair

Striking an ideal balance between form and function, the 560 3-position power lift recliner from Pride Mobility conforms to firmly support the body and soothe those aching muscles. Available in...

Pride C6 Recliner Lift Chair

The Pride C6 Recliner Lift Chair infinite-position power lift recliner, with fully removable upholstery components and dual motors – enabling independent recline/footrest function – takes relaxation to a sophisticated new...

Pride C5 Recliner Lift Chair

The C5 3-position power lift recline from Pride Mobility is certain to make an impact. An all steel frame provides enhanced strength and durability, while an adjustable seat-to-floor height and...

Pride D30 Recliner Lift Chair

Purchase a Pride power lift recliner with confidence. The D30 3-position chaise lounger is a medium to large model with your choice of blown fibre or split-back design. Available in...