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Alleviate pressure in the coccyx area with the use of a diffuser cushion designed to evenly distribute pressure.

Alleviate coccyx pain with our Diffuser Coccyx Cushion. The ergonomic structure relieves pressure on the tailbone, while the suspended cut-out provides weightless support for maximum relief. Crafted using high-quality memory foam and durable traditional foam, it is perfect for wheelchairs, office chairs, and other seating. Choose between two cover variations for effortless maintenance.

Experience lasting comfort during extended periods of sitting with a dense seat cushion specifically created for alleviating discomfort in the coccyx region. Its unique cut-out design eliminates pressure points in the sacroiliac joint, delivering relief and improved comfort.

When seated for extended periods of time, the Diffuser Coccyx Cushion can effectively alleviate discomfort in the coccyx region.

  • Ergonomic design to reduce pressure on the coccyx or tailbone 
  • Cut-out suspends the coccyx weightlessly to relieve pressure 
  • Made with a premium memory foam outer layer and heavy-density traditional foam inner layer 
  • Heavy-density traditional foam layer aids longevity and long-term support 
  • Provides relief from bruising, pain, or soreness 
  • Ideal for wheelchairs or conventional seating 

The Diffuser Coccyx Cushion is designed for optimal comfort in a variety of seating situations, including wheelchairs, office chairs, dining chairs, venue seating, and any other general use. Specially crafted with memory foam, it provides unparalleled support and relief for prolonged periods of sitting.  Available with a Steri Plus or Dura Fab cover.  

Size - 42 x 44 x 7.5 cm

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