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Sure Grip Cutlery

Sure Grips are adaptive utensils with built-up handles designed to aid individuals who have weak grasp during mealtime. These utensils offer a firm hold, thanks to their 1.5” wide, latex-free...

Caring Cutlery

A range of stainless stell utensils moulded into contoured, ivory coloured plastic handles with built up ends. This range is ideal for those with a weak grip and restricted wrist...

Queens Angled Cutlery

Angled Cutlery for Limited Wrist Movement These cutlery items have an angled head that makes them perfect for individuals with limited wrist mobility. The angled design allows for ease of...

Manoy Plate

These melamine oval shaped plates are designed to help those with one good hand or who have difficulty picking up food with utensils. Has a sloping bottom and high sided...

Sure Grip Bendable Cutlery

Unleash your independence with our Sure Grip Bendable Cutlery, designed with adaptive utensils that offer built-up handles and a wide variety of options. Say goodbye to struggles and hello to...

Pen & Pencil Holder

The pen or pencil holder is designed to make the pen easier to grip and control. Ideal for people with limited gripping mobility. Simply slides over pen or pencil. Come...

Homecraft Plastic Spread Board with spikes

Homecraft Plastic Spread Board has an L shaped corner, with stainless steel spikes to hold your food in place. This adaptive kitchen aid is perfect for one-hand use.

Queens Cutlery

Queens Cutlery is specialty cutlery designed for one-handed dining and sensitive mouths. The lightweight built-up handle of utensils makes gripping them easier. The handle is made of ABS plastic, measures...

Homecraft Caring Mug Cup

The caring mug has a wide stable base with two large contoured and angled handles, which enables it to be held in the correct position for drinking. The lid has...

Rolyan Plate with Inner Lip

Curved inside edge of plate keeps food from sliding off the plate Helps make self-feeding easier for children and adults Plate is 230mm in diameter with a 25mm rim and...

Lightweight Foam Cutlery

These stainless steel utensils are mounted on plastic stems and sealed into light grey foam handles, to give help to those with weak or painful grip. The foam is comfortable...

Homecraft Two Handled Cup Mug with Spout and Splash Lids

This mug is designed to make drinking safer and easier for people with hand tremors. 2 handles to assist control. Supplied with two lids, one for anti-spill and one with...

Etac Fix Preparation Board

This durable kitchen product keeps the provisions in place, making it possible to work with one hand only or with a double grip to do simple food preparation. This prep...

Bottom Wiper

This bottom wiper has a moulded plastic head with recessed serrations to grip the paper, mounted on a lightweight curved handle. It is designed to be used from the front...

Reflex Knives

The reflex range have an easy to grip handle for people with a weak grip or limited arm power. REFLEX SLICING KNIFE Long and narrow, ideal for slicing bread REFLEX...

Multi Purpose Holder

For those with a weak grip or poor hand function this comfortable, easily adjustable, strap handle provides a secure grasp on a variety of handle shapes and sizes. Made from...

Toe Washer

For washing and drying between the toes. Bendable handle. Comes with two washable cloths.

Plastic Spread Board

Homecraft's durable one-piece board with a raised L-shape in one corner. The bread can be pushed up against the raised corner and then spread using one hand. Dimensions: 181 x...

Over Armchair Tilting Table

The Homecraft Over Armchair Tilting Table has a modern, ergonomically shaped laminated teak table top, which can be easily tilted to enable users to read, etc. In addition, it comes...

Kitchen Work Station

This multi-function food preparation unit is designed to provide assistance with many day-to-day kitchen tasks. Based around a tough, durable chopping board measuring 500 x 300mm (193/4 x 113/4") the...

Universal Kettle Tipper

Effortlessly use your kettle with the Homecraft Universal Kettle Tipper! This ingenious design is a synthesis of two of our most popular tippers. A steel plate keeps the kettle base secure,...

Reflex Comfort Grip Preparation Knife

The Homecraft Reflex Comfort Grip knife range has been developed to provide a more secure slip-resistant grip with a soft-touch over a moulded handle. The handle is set at an...

Kings Lightweight Foam Handles

These foam handles are ideal for people who require a lightweight, built up handle. They are waterproof, washable and feature contoured finger grips. Comes in 2 sizes; Standard 28mm handle...

Kings Modular Cutlery

Choose between angled or straight cutlery. Cost is per individual piece. The Kings Modular straight cutlery is mounted in a plastic spigot that pushes tightly into your chosen handle, but...