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Etac Relieve Ergonomic Knives

These ergonomic relieve knives have an angled handle and sharp edge which make cutting easier. The angle of the handle keeps the wrist straight, thus making efficient use of the...

Etac Light Cutlery with Thick Handle

These thick handled leightweight cutlery are gentle on the joints and relieves strain on the fingers. Oval handles which sit securely in the hand and allows various grips. The spoon...

Etac Body Washer

Etac Beauty body washer is designed to make it easy to reach and wash the body. The wash cloths do not absorb water which makes the product light and balanced...

Etac Swift Multifunction Shower Chair

Award-winning design where functionality and simplicity were in mind. Etac's basic shower stool can easily be transformed into a complete shower chair with arms and back support. Made from sturdy...

Etac Aktiv Reacher

The Etac Aktiv reacher handles are designed to utilize the strength of the hand and provide an effective grip. The handles are slightly angled and only require a small hand...

Etac Easyturn Swivel Cushion

Easyturn' is a soft swivel cushion that facilitates transfer into and out of a vehicle. Also suitable for many situations where a swivel transfer is necessary. Prevents strain on knees,...

Etac Back Washer

Etac Beauty back washer is designed to make it easier to reach and wash the back. The wash cloths do not absorb water which makes the product light and balanced...

Etac Rheumatic Contour Pen

Ergonomically sound 'Rheumatic' pen Black ink. Complete pen. Convenient pocket clip. Can allow a user to write for longer than normal periods of time. Rests comfortably at the base of...

Etac Tasty Plate with rasied edge

The plate has a raised edge to facilitate picking up food with one hand. The underside has a rubber strip attached so that the plate is positioned securely.

Etac Light Angled Spoons

The lightweight angled spoons are designed for people with impaired arm and hand mobility. The handles are oval to sit in the hand and allow a secure grip when eating....

Etac Light Cutlery with Thin Handle

Ideal for people who need support for their forearms as well as hands whilst eating. Light, slender and ergonomic cutlery assists people who usually use a pencil holding grip when...

Etac Beauty Hairbrush

Etac Beauty Hairbrush offers independence with its lightweight design, making it the perfect styling tool to maintain and manage your hair with ease. Show off your beautiful locks with this...

Etac Beauty Hair Washer

The Etac Beauty Hair Washer is the perfect accessory for keeping your hair clean and beautiful. Its design provides convenience and ease of use. Enjoy the comfort of a thorough yet gentle wash...

Etac Combination Cutlery

This lightweight cutlery consists of a knife/fork and knife/spoon and is designed for use with one hand only. The handle permits a secure grip and the cutting edge is on...

Etac Hi Loo Raised Toilet Seat

Stable and comfortable toilet seat raiser with brackets. Hi-Loo with brackets is a raised toilet seat which is extremely stable and yet easy to remove. The seat is ergonomically shaped...

Etac Aktiv Reacher with Hook

This handy Aktiv reacher with hook is a perfect aid for dressing and undressing due to the feature of being able to pull and push. The Aktiv reacher with hook...

Etac Feed Dose Cup Mug

The spout shape provides good contact with the lips and reduces the need to tilt ones head back for secure pouring, designed to assist with drinking. This mug is transparent...

Etac Swift Multi Function Bedside Commode

Etac's Swift Commode boasts comfort in the bathroom or bedroom! The seat pad is discreet with a removable pan and secure lid that locks automatically when lifted. The Swift Commode...

Etac Universal Turner

This universal turner makes small, day-to-day tasks much easier, such as turning on taps, opening/locking doors or switching on the cooker, dishwasher or washing machine.Boosts a comfortable angled handle which...

Etac Aktiv Reacher Power Grip and Hook

This Etac Aktiv reacher has forearm support and is suitable for persons with weak hands and very limited lifting ability. The jaws are turnable as on the other Aktiv reachers...

Etac Body Washer Replacement Cloth

Replacement cloth for Etac Body Washer. Comes with 2 cloths. Cotton with polythene inner lining.

Etac Torkel Toilet Paper Tongs

A lightweight toilet paper tong for increased range of motion. The Torkel paper tongs function as en extended arm and make it possible to manage intimate hygiene tasks for those...

Etac Tasty Beaker Cup Mug

This tasty beaker with its big handle and supporting edge permits various grips. The large base makes the beaker stable and the holder insulates against hot liquid when the beaker...

Etac Clean Shower Commode

The Etac Clean Shower Commode is extremely easy to operate, thanks to the width of the push handle. The clever design can be seen throughout the entire chair. The upright...