Whether you are shopping for yourself, a parent or another loved one, finding a kit that promotes independence is always going to be important. That’s why Daily Living Products works hard to offer the largest range of options to customers in Perth.

We’ve got decades of experience and have been part of the stay-at-home revolution, working hard to help as many people enjoy the comfort of their own home for as long as possible.

A Wide Range of Products

Moving around your bedroom and enjoying a good night’s sleep is probably high on your list of priorities, but if there is something stopping you or someone you love from doing this then it may be time to consider a living aid to help.

At Daily Living Products, we are proud to offer a wide range of options for you to choose from including Beds, Bed rails, Overlays, Mattresses, Bedroom commodes, Bed protection, Transfer aids, Pillows, Supports.

We work with customers who have varying needs and try hard to fully understand them as individuals so that we can provide the right solution every time.

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If you like to shop online then take a look at our products and place your order today. However, if you have any specific queries, questions, or want some further support then you can connect with u by visiting one of our Perth-based stores, calling us or sending us an email.

We will do our utmost to find you the best product so that you or your loved one can enjoy their independence for longer than you expected!

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Kcare Standard Bed Rail

This bed rail is easily removable and fits under the mattress to gives firm support for users positioning in and out of the bed. *Fixing Straps Included* Width: 600mm Depth:...

Bambury Eco Guard Mattress Protector

Bambury’s eco-Guard mattress protectors are a deterrent against dust mites and the allergens they produce. They are lightweight, waterproof, absorbent and fast-drying, as well as being soft, comfortable & breathable,...

Complete Sleeprrr Pillow

Australia's most loved and recommended pillow The Complete Sleeper pillow is sold and recommended throughout Australia by Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and many more health professionals. It is regarded as the...

Bed Wedge

This Bed Wedge is correctly angled to raise and support the upper body for easier breathing and digestion. It helps to alleviate reflux, breathing constraints, hiatus hernia and heart conditions....

Adjustable Blanket Support

This special frame is designed to be used on your bed, under your bedding, to support the weight of the sheets above the feet and legs great for people with...

Kylie Supreme Mac with tuck ins

The Kylie Supreme Mac is durable, washable and manufactured to the highest quality using the most advanced technology. The soft quilted, non-pilling surface allows fluid to more easily pass through...

Days Overbed Pole

The Days Overbed Pole can be used in conjunction with a conventional or hospital bed. It is lightweight, sturdy and easy to assemble. Also features a handle, which is on...

Buddies Chair Pad

These attractive chair pads have a poly cotton surface with a non-slip waterproof backing. These chair pads are designed to distribute liquid and moisture throughout the pad and away from...

Kcare Deluxe Bedside Commode

Kcare has delivered an attractive and effective design Bedside commode. This commode comes with a removable bowl with lid and carry handle as well as curved padded back. Zinc pre-treated...

Conni X-wide Reusable Bed Pad with Tuck-ins

What makes the X-wide different? Goodbye to the days of daily cycles of wet, wash, dry and repeat with your sheets. Absorbent and waterproof, Conni X-wide Bed Pads with tuck-ins...

Shear Comfort Bed Overlay

These overlays are large enough to cover most of a single mattress to give protection and comfort to your skin. Shear comfort is a unique Fabric-backed medical sheep's wool, with...

Apex Bed Rail

This Apex bed rail is fixed in sixe and shape. To use this rail simply slip it under the mattress and the weight of the mattress will hold the rail...