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For many suffering illness the basic function of turning over in bed can be difficult and often painful. This wonder sheet could be the answer to your movement difficulties!

The therapeutic 'Wonder Sheet Plus' can benefit anyone of any age suffering from limited bed mobility including, but not limited to;
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Motor neurone disease
  • Stroke, Chronic arthritis
  • Ongoing chronic illness and disability
  • Quadriplegia and paraplegia
  • Chronic pain
  • Brain injury
  • Joint pain
  • Poor circulation
  • Any illness or disorder affecting the ability to transfer in bed.

    The Wonder Sheet Plus has the sheeting around the sides as well as the top and bottom. This would give the "user" additional stability from the cotton/poly sheeting when they are sitting on the edge of the bed. The Wonder Sheet Plus can give those wanting extra grip of a feeling of independence. 

    This is designed for those that may require extra stability on the sides of the bed. Repositioning by the staff/carer requires less effort which reduces the chances of back injuries and mobility in bed for the residents become easier. 

    The Benefits:

  • It can reduce pain and discomfort because the user can now move more easily.
  • It can reduce the amount of effort required to move because it easily complements existing equipment being used such as a hoist or bed stick.
  • You require minimal help from a carer to move as the unique design can replace the use of a slide sheet, giving you a feeling of freedom. It also reduces the effort and strain on the carer's body if they still need to provide assistance.
  • Fits onto the mattress like a normal fitted sheet with elastic all the way around. There is no need to insert or remove it like a slide sheet.
  • Creates a feeling of independence as moving and turning in bed is made easier which in turn is highly beneficial to the user's mental state.
  • The 35cm depths are suitable for mattresses up to 30cm. The 45cm depths are suitable for mattresses up to 30cm and 40cm deep.
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