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The iCare M1 Medical Mattress (Medium Risk) is suitable for Bariatric users and are compatible with iCare Homecare Beds. 

It features a unique design with lateral cut support for stability and transfers. The two-layer construction includes a firm U-shaped base and medium feel castellated foam inlay, specifically designed to reduce roll-out risk and assist with transfers. The Zerotec cover is made of medical barrier fabric with high elasticity, reducing shear on pressure redistribution surfaces. It is also waterproof and wipeable with microporous breathable properties and welded seams for fluid control. The SlideSkin™ technology minimizes shear with a second membrane, allowing the cover to move with the user's movements. Furthermore, the firm edge support helps prevent falls and roll-outs, while also providing support for transfers.

The iCare M2 Medical Mattress (High Risk) has a Castellated Support Surface which adapts to your body's contour with each square independently moving.

The unique module cutting also provides horizontal anti-shear movement. Its two-layer construction features a firm XP Support Foam base and side wall support for a medium feel, coupled with a full module cut comfort layer foam inlay. This design is specifically tailored to reduce the risk of roll-out and bed falls, ensuring safety and comfort for the user.

The iCare M3 Medical Mattress (High Risk with ActiveFloat™) boasts an unmatched user comfort rating, a crucial yet often overlooked aspect when selecting a suitable mattress.

Our latest technology, the ActiveFloat™ Layer, is an incredibly elastic and highly breathable material designed to move in all directions, even after full compression. Not only does this reduce shear in every direction, but it also significantly increases user comfort. The full ActiveFloat™ Layer provides edge-to-edge support, eliminating ridges and expanding the pressure redistribution area. Our three-layer construction includes a single-piece U-shaped firm XP Support Foam base, providing side wall support and medium-feel lateral castellated foam inlay. This design is specifically made to reduce the risk of roll-outs and bed falls.


  • 150mm (M1, M2), 200mm (M3) Mattress Depth
  • SWL Minimum 30kg, SWL Maximum 300kg (M1), 215kg (M2, M3)
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

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