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This Etac Aktiv reacher has forearm support and is suitable for persons with weak hands and very limited lifting ability.

The jaws are turnable as on the other Aktiv reachers but in addition, equipped with hooks to enable pushing and pulling items. The handle is designed to maximise the strength of the hand and provides an effective grip. The jaws are coated with hardwearing rubber and have a magnet to pick up small metallic items.

Reachers for various needs

The Active reachers are available in a number of models. They are light and have ergonomically designed handles to make reaching and gripping easier. The jaws open wide but still grab the smallest item. A unique feature is the possibility to turn the jaws. They can easily be set in two different positions. This means the reacher can be used with the jaws horizontally or vertically without having to turn the arm. All models have a magnet in the handle for picking up small metallic objects. The handle is angled to keep the wrist straight and enables a power grip. Combined with the forearm support the grip is stabilized and effective.



Lifting capacity, max (kg)


Tube material

Weight (g)
Ergonomic design 2 Handle and jaws: Polycarbonate/ABS. Forearm support and jaw bracket: Polyamide  Aluminium 139
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