Choosing the right Mobility Equipment

With the wide range of Mobility aids available today, choosing the right equipment can be an overwhelming and daunting experience.

Mobility, or the ability to move without assistance is an crucial aspect of a person's independence and mental health. Limited mobility can be caused due to an illness, surgery or ageing. Each mobility aid can provide a user with different levels of assistance. When shopping for equipment, it's important to consider the requirements of the user as well as the features & benefits of the products in comparison.

At Daily Living Products, we can help you find the right equipment suitable for your needs. Additionally, this guide will outline some important factors that can assist you when you shop for Mobility Equipment.

Different types of Mobility Aid's

• Walking Frame's
• Walking Sticks
• Crutches
• Indoor Walkers
• Mobility Scooters
• Rollators (Outdoor Walkers)
• Wheelchairs (Self Propelled or Transit)

What to consider

It all begins with considering the health of the user who is choosing their new mobility aid. How long can the user stand up for? As well as what motions are they able or unable to perform?  The equipment suitable for user with minor issues differentiates to people with major mobility issues. If you or the user have existing medical conditions, we recommend consulting a Doctor or Occupational Therapist.

Every mobility aid on the market has specific limitations for users, such as weight restrictions. All equipment will have the user weight capacity on our website, however, if you are shopping in store our team will notify customers of the weight restrictions. Mobility equipment is constantly upgrading or changing, particular equipment come with luxury features where as, others some with basic features. Our staff will always notify customers of all features that come with each piece of equipment however, all features vary for each piece of equipment. 

When shopping for mobility equipment, it's imperative to consider the users lifestyle when purchasing equipment. Will they be using it for inside and outside? If the user is looking for an indoor walker or walking frame we ask for them to measure the width of their door frames to ensure their new walker will allow them to navigate through their house with ease. For outdoor requirements, we recommend the user or carer assessing the surroundings and daily tasks that will be performed with the equipment.

The biggest decider for a customer is their budget. However, we are a preferred NDIS (National Disability Industry Scheme) & DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs) provider. We recommend customers to review their funding to ensure they have funds available. As well as encourage customers to check if they are eligible for funding. Each piece of equipment has a variation of specifications and features which do contribute to the price tag for the equipment. 

Shop Mobility Equipment

Nova Adjustable 6
Nova Adjustable 6

Nova Adjustable 6" Rollator Walker

Aspire Superlite Seat Walker - Daily Living Products
Aspire Superlite Seat Walker - Daily Living Products

Aspire Superlite Seat Walker

Standard 6inch Wheel Rollator - Daily Living Products
Standard 6inch Wheel Rollator - Daily Living Products

Standard 6inch Wheel Rollator

Unicare Tray Walker - Daily Living Products
Unicare Tray Walker - Daily Living Products

Unicare Tray Walker

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