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Uccello PowerPour Kettle

Uccello Kettle is the perfect addition to your kitchen, it boasts a stylish design with an ergonomic handle for stable grip and pours action, easy to read level indicator and...

One Touch Jar Opener

This one touch jar opener is easy to use and ideal for weak hands or one handed operation. Slides on and off most standard size jars, powers off the lid...

Automatic Can Opener

A one touch automatic can opener which will open almost any can. Locks and holds the can in position for easy one hand operation. 'Walks' around can and shuts off...

Goodgrip Swivel Peeler

The OXO GOOD GRIPS Swivel Peeler is simply the best peeler you will ever try! The sharp stainless steel blade glides through even the toughest fruit and vegetable skins with...

One Touch Bottle Opener

This one-touch operated bottle opener is ideal for those with weak or injured hands. Suitable for metal or plastic screw-top bottle caps up to 55mm diameter, it has rubber jaws...

Etac Fix Preparation Board

This durable kitchen product keeps the provisions in place, making it possible to work with one hand only or with a double grip to do simple food preparation. This prep...

Homecraft Plastic Spread Board with spikes

Homecraft Plastic Spread Board has an L shaped corner, with stainless steel spikes to hold your food in place. This adaptive kitchen aid is perfect for one-hand use.

Dycem Jar Opener Blue

This device fits over and grips most twist off jar lids so the user can remove them with minimal effort. The jar opener is made of moulded Dycem, a non-slip...

One Touch Can Opener

No more strenuous twisting, turning or sharp edges this One Touch opens all standard sized, round cans with just the touch of one button. Ideal for weak hands or one...

Dycem Non Slip Reel

The dycem non slip reel is ideal for care environments and around the home, comes in different widths and lengths so you can cut the required amount of of the...

Kettle Tipper Cordless

A universal kettle tipper to suit most cordless kettles. This innovative design is a combination of our two successful tippers. There is a metal plate that secures the base of...

Plastic Spread Board

Homecraft's durable one-piece board with a raised L-shape in one corner. The bread can be pushed up against the raised corner and then spread using one hand. Dimensions: 181 x...