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Aspire Portable Toilet Seat Raiser with lid

Give your toilet the extra height you need by fitting this portable toilet seat raiser, easy to instal and remove for cleaning. Fits standard toilets. This toilet seat raiser comes...

Aspire Superlite Seat Walker

Aspire's Super lightweight seat walker, weighs only 5kg this is one of the lightest seat walkers on the market. This rollator comes with 6" wheels and full height adjustability in...

Aspire Portable Toilet Seat Raiser

Give your toilet the extra height you need by fitting this portable toilet seat raiser, easy to install and remove for cleaning. This toilet seat raiser does not come with...

Aspire Tray Walker

A sturdy and robust tray walker is ideal for use around the house to help move meals, drinks, and other objects.  Easy to maneuver with 4 wheels, comes with locking hand brakes....

Over Toilet Aid

 Aspire's over toilet aid is a durable, non-slip toileting aid. This product is made from treated steel with all frames individually treated for corrosion resistance. Features: Raised armrests - Assist the user in...

Aspire Vogue Carbon Fibre Rollator

Enjoy the luxurious European carbon fibre design with the Aspire Vogue walker today! This new super lightweight rollator has a carbon fibre frame, weighing only 5kg. With a luxury look...

Aspire Vogue Lightweight Seat Walker

This lightweight walker is a danish design, has profiled tubing, moulded fittings, ergonomic handles, and refined colours. It can lock when folded and has lockable handbrakes. With smooth height adjustment...

Aspire Vogue Indoor Walker

Stylish and sleek, this indoor walker is lightweight and ergonomic making it ideal for use around the home. Makes moving drinks or meals to the desired location an easy task,...

Aspire Comfimotion Care Adjustable Bed

This bed has it all, all the features of a hospital bed with a modern touch supporting an independent lifestyle.  In comparison to the Luxe, the Aspire Comfimotion Care bed is...

Aspire Memory Foam Mattress

The ComfiMotion Memory Foam mattress contours to the users body, providing personalised comfort and transitional pressure relief. The integrated side-walls increase roll resistance at the bed edge and assist users,...

Bed Pole with Adjustable Crook Handle

The Grip Handle Bed Pole fits under the mattress and provides a firm handle to assist with moving and positioning in bed. The shaped handle can be located in four...

Aspire Oregon Space Saver Lift Recline Chair

Stability, Independence and Support Aspire's Oregon Space Saver Lift Recliner Chair is an affordable yet stylish recliner chair option for you! Oregon Space Saver comes with a range of luxury features and...
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