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Magnetic Ankle Guard

This seamless open heel magnetic ankle guard comes with 12 sewn in magnets. The elastic support gives strong support and comfort for weak and injured ankles, whilst giving a reassuring...

Diffuser Cushion - Pressure Diffusing Memory Foam Chair Cushion

Enjoy the forgiving properties of pressure diffusing Memory Foam. A premium density Australian-made pressure-relief cushion made from Memory Foam with a special inner core of heavy density traditional foam.Optimum pressure...

Magnetic Therapy Knee Support

Elastic tube gives firm support for the weak knee or elbow, useful when playing golf or exercising. The complete piece slides over leg/arm and gives support and confidence when walking...

Mould a back brace

Mould-A-Backbrace is the back brace designed to fit you. This brace only comes in sizes 8-10 Ladies. No more accepting mass-manufactured brace shapes, the Mould-A-Backbrace is designed to be fitted...
$85.00 $50.00

Thermastrap Tennis Elbow

One size fits all feature All the Thermastrap range are able to be adjusted to suit the wearers shape, size and desired comfort or support during the day or night....