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Say goodbye to heavy, bulky and unsafe kettles.

Uccello Designs have created the perfect addition to your kitchen, boasting a stylish yet lightweight design and allowing you to pour a cuppa with zero lifting! Designed with an ergonomic handle that allows the user to have a stable grip and easy pouring action. With an easy-to-read level indicator, which allows you to easily see the water level when filling the kettle up. Uccello Kettle is perfect for users who have limited mobility, struggle with the weight of a standard kettle, and thrive living independently. 

Simple To Clean

Uccello PowerPour Kettle can be filled up either in the stand, or disconnected from the stand and taken to the sink. With the hinged lid and large opening, users are able to fill the Uccello kettle easily. The large hinged lid allows you to also clean with no lifting or you may remove the vessel for cleaning or pouring requirements. The kettle also comes with a removable anti-scale filter so you can easily keep your kettle squeaky clean!

Safety First

The weighted, non-slip base allows you to safely pour a cup of tea or coffee without having to worry if the kettle will fall. The vessel sits on the base with the ability to rotate on its own and the base will stay stable. The user is able to rotate the kettle to pour by gently lifting the handle to allow the vessel to rotate and pour with minimal to no effort.  Built from British Safety Technology, which means when you shop Uccello you shop confidently and know you are buying quality. The Uccello kettle will also automatically shut off after a period of non-use to give you peace of mind.

Suitable for people who suffer from;

The perfect gift for Mum or Dad

Technical Specifications:

  • 1.5 Litres capacity
  • 50Hz | 1850-2200 Watts
  • 220-240 Volts
  • Input power: 2000W

Available in 2 colours - Black/White or Red (see pictures)

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