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Amefa Curved Cutlery

Ergonomically designed to give people with gripping difficulties and limited wrist range of motion more confidence at the table. These adaptive eating utensils are manufactured from Lightweight Stainless Steel and...

Conni X-wide Reusable Bed Pad with Tuck-ins

What makes the X-wide different? Goodbye to the days of daily cycles of wet, wash, dry and repeat with your sheets. Absorbent and waterproof, Conni X-wide Bed Pads with tuck-ins...

Bambury Pillow Protector

Bambury towelling pillow protectors have been specifically developed to give hygienic and natural protection to you and your pillow all year round. These pillow protectors are treated with sanitized which...

Alternating Air Pressure Mattress

Includes a 100% waterproof, seam-sealed, stretch PU cover. Features and Benefits 18 5” Air Cells with a 3” Pocket for foam Pillow function, bottom foam replacement Nylon TPU air cells...

Adjustable Backrest

White epoxy coated steel construction with breathable mesh support and easily adjustable support angle. Enjoy padded head support, the option to position yourself within 6 adjustments. This is ideal for...

Bed Wedge

This Bed Wedge is correctly angled to raise and support the upper body for easier breathing and digestion. It helps to alleviate reflux, breathing constraints, hiatus hernia and heart conditions....

Bed Rail Protectors

These super soft, foam Bed Rail Protectorsare designed to protect patients from injury through limbs striking or getting caught inthe metal bed rails. Made from soft medical grade foam cushions...

Adjustable Blanket Support

This special frame is designed to be used on your bed, under your bedding, to support the weight of the sheets above the feet and legs great for people with...

Bed Pole with Adjustable Crook Handle

The Grip Handle Bed Pole fits under the mattress and provides a firm handle to assist with moving and positioning in bed. The shaped handle can be located in four...

Blanket Support Bed Rail

This blanket support is desgined to keep bed clothes clear of feet and legs, protecting sensitive skin areas. This rail positions under mattress. Width: 330mm Depth: 470mm Height: 535mm

Aspire Portable Toilet Seat Raiser

Give your toilet the extra height you need by fitting this portable toilet seat raiser, easy to install and remove for cleaning. This toilet seat raiser does not come with...

Aspire 150F Aluminium Folding Lifter

The Aspire 150F is a lightweight and portable folding patient lifter designed for home and community environments.Folds for Transport and Storage: Folds quickly and conveniently for storage or transport in...